Indian EVMs Are Tamperproof: Poll Panel Tells Apex Court

The poll panel submitting the affidavit claimed that Indian EVMs are standalone machines, and asked the top court to dismiss the claim that EVMs were faulty machines.

New Delhi: The Election CommissionA�on FridayA�submitted to the Supreme Court that the electronic voting machines (EVMs) used by it were fully tamperproof and credible. It also asserted to the top court that the Indian EVMs cana��t be hacked.

The poll panel submitting the affidavit asked the top court that the public interest litigations (PILs) that claim EVMs were faulty machines should be dismissed. It also declared in the affidavit that there hasna��t been any evidence to support the claimed lapses.

The EC also claimed that the Indian EVMs were better than those used in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands.

While EVMs in some countries relied on internet connectivity, the Indian EVMs were standalone devices and did not talk to any outside machine, the poll panel stated and emphasized in the affidavit.

The Election Commission also pledged to the Supreme Court that measures were being taken to allay any fears for the unreliability of the EVMs.

The commission told the court that in the 2019 general elections, EVMs attached with voter verifiable paper audit trails (VVPAT) would be used.

It further said that 16-lakh VVPATs would be procured for the EVMs by September 2018.

The Supreme Court will examine the affidavit soon in order to respond to the commission.

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