Indian Detained At Atlanta Airport Dies In Custody

A 58-year person of Indian origin died in the custody of immigration officers at Atlanta airport on Tuesday due to cardiac arrest.

Atlanta: 58-year old Indian man Atul kumar Babubhai Patel, died on Tuesday in the custody of US Immigration officials at a Hospital in Atlanta.

He was detained by Immigration officials for not possessing necessary documents while entering US.

Preliminary cause for his death is congestive heart failure as per Immigration officials. Patel arrived at Atlanta airport on May 10th on a flight from Ecuador and was detained for two days by officials.

At Detention centre in Atlanta, he had an initial screening of his health condition and was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes.

After he had a breathing problem on Saturday, Patel was rushed to a nearby hospital where he passed away.

Agency has informed the Indian Consular representatives who passed the message to Patela��s family members.

As per the agency, deaths in its custody are a�?exceedingly rarea�? and it is firmly committed to the health and welfare of those who are in the custody.

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