India, Pakistan together in peace for once!

  • Kailash Satyarthi, Malala yousafzai receive Nobel Peace.
  • Both talk in a dignified and elevated manner.
  • Satyarthi calls Malala daughter
  • Malala dedicates the fund to build schools in Pak.
  • Says she would prove to the world India, Pak can work together!

Oslo (Norway), December 10: India and Pakistan would soon become Bhai-Bhai. That was the sentiment expressed by the little girl from Pakistan Malala Yousafzay after receiving Nobel peace prize on Wednesday here. How wonderful it would be if Malalaa��s wish is fulfilled!


Earlier Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian social worker who shared the Nobel Peace prize with Malala, said, a�?I refuse to accept laws not able to protect our childrena�?. Governments should make children-friendly policies, he exhorted. He was the first to receive the coveted prize in partnership with the Pakistani girl who he described as his dear daughter.

a�?I represent here the sound of silencea�?, said Kailash in his acceptance speech.

It was a proud moment for Asia in general and South Asia in particular. Both of the winners made the Indian sub-continent proud by speaking sense and by appearing dignified and simple.

Perhaps what Malala said was the main reason for the Nobel committee to select one Indian and one Pakistani to share the prize. The world recognises more than the leaders in both the countries the dire need for the two quarrelling cousins to bury the hatchet and work together to fight against poverty and illiteracy prevalent in both the counties in large measure. More than honouring the courageous Malala and tenacious Kailash for their superior accomplishment, the Nobel Committee might have thought it fit to remind India and Pakistan that they have very difficult problems to tackle instead of wasting time in mutual recrimination. The child labour and lack of encouragement for girl children to go to school are symbols of primitive nature still found in the modern society.

It was heartening to hear Hindi songs by a highly professional group and great music by Sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan and his son who performed at the ceremony.

The scene of Malala receiving the award was moving particularly when she said, a�?Thank you my father for not clipping my wings and letting me flya�?.

Chairman of the Nobel Peace Committee Thorbjorn Jagland said, a�?Nothing should be further from Islam than shooting at a young girl whose only demand was to go to school.a�?

Malala has dedicated the Nobel prize money to Malala Fund which would be first spent to build schools in Pakistan. a�?The award is not for me. It is for those forgotten children who want educationa�?, she said.

It is a time for celebration in both the countries which have to rededicate themselves to the commitment of peace and tranquillity between and inside the two countries. Let us hope the Nobel intentions would let to amity and spirit of coexistence.

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