India Hikes Visa Fee

The Indian government took a decision to hike the visa fee after various countries started implementing stringent measures while granting visas.

New Delhi:A� India is known to be a soft country, which never tried to have any tiffs with other foreign countries. Many times our leaders tried to solve the issues through discussions and diplomatic channels. Now the trend has changed. India is becoming tougher and is ready to face any challenge. That doesna��t mean it will go to war with other countries. It only showed how it would react if its citizens are put in a troublesome condition in the name of visas and other issues.

It had hiked the visa fee for the foreigners who seek it. Countries like America, Australia, and New Zealand are implementing stringent measures while granting a visa and shocked many Indians. As various countries have hiked the visa fee creating a hurdle to Indians who try to go there for education and employment, India too recently hiked the visa fee for Americans, Canadians, UK, Israelis, Iranian, UAE citizens. It has released an official statement with finalised fee particulars category wise.

Citizens belonging to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, France and Thailand should pay 459 dollars for employment visas instead of 300 dollars. The fee for visiting visas was hiked from 100 dollars to 153 dollars. When translated into rupees it is hiked from Rs 6450 to Rs 9868.A� The visas having a time limit of one year to five years was hiked from 120 dollars to 306 dollars. However, it announced that the fee for UK citizens was hiked from 162 dollars to 248 dollars.

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