India and Pakistan skip Wagah border ritual on ramzan

Lata Jain
The Indo-Pakistani border runs from the Line of Control to the Wagha Line, and was drafted and created in 1947. It is closed daily with much pomp and ceremony, to the point that it has become a type of attraction and entertainment for people in the area.
Hostile relations between India and Pakistan with the recent incidents of ceasefire violations were obvious as the two countries skipping their traditional exchange of sweets on the occasion of Ramzan , across the border.
Mr.Farooqui, Deputy Inspector General of the Border Security Force speaking to Prime Post accepted that ,this time we missed the yearly ritual of exchanging sweets, as the relations are hostile. We did try peace talks, but there was no response from the Pakistani counterpart. We left it at that.
Despite the strained relations India and Pakistan never missed this ritual for the past 60 years, says Mr.Farooqi. Six decades we have been following this ritual religiously.
With the recent issue, India has blamed Pakistan for ceasefire violations across the border in Jammu, and Islamabad. Security forces across the border claimed to have shot down an Indian drone, which, the office of the defense ministry, New Delhi says is of Chinese design and commercially available.
Both countries also have raised issues of not issuing Visas to their officials and diplomats, which has further strained the relation between the two countries.
Last year in October also the ritual was broken and this is the second time in the history of independent India that the two countries did not share the traditional sweets.

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