Implement AP Re-organisation Act to develop T

  • CPI leader Chada says promises have to be fulfilled

HYDERABAD: The 22ndA�Congress of Communist Party of India (CPI) being held since March 25 adopted the following resolution proposed by CPI Telangana State secretary Chada Venkat Reddy.

The resolution states, a�?The promises made in the AP Re-organisation Act, 2014 for development of newly carved Telangana State have not been fulfilled so far. While, forming the Telangana State, everybody expected that Telangana State would face serious power crisis. To overcome the crisis, the Government of India has promised to establish an Ultra Mega Power Project in the State. The Government of India also promised to take up the Pranahita-Chevella multipurpose project for irrigation and power generation as aA�national project. It is the backbone project for drought hit areas of Telangana. The promise so far was not materialized.

It was also mentioned in the Act that the strength of the Telangana Legislative Assembly would be increased to 153 from the present 119. There are several other institutions, which were mentioned in the Re-organisation Act for Telangana State shall be established without any delay for the betterment of people of Telangana.

While promising special status to Andhra Pradesh, the then government headed by Dr Manmohan Singh assured that the interests of Telangana State would be protected. Hence, the 22ndA�Congress of CPI urges upon the Government of India to standby its assurances and help the new State of Telangana.

The Temple town of Bhadrachalam located in Telangana State has no thoroughfare to reach the town, except by passing through the villages of Andhra Pradesh State. In fact, the Government of India transferred some non-submerging villages of seven mandals from the State of Telangana to Andhra Pradesh through an ordinance, later ratified by Parliament. We demand the Government of India to re-transfer the four villages, i.e. Kannaigudem, Pichchukalapadu, Etapaka and Purushothamapatnam, out of the transferred villages to facilitate for the easy flow of traffic and convenience of the people, who visit the pilgrim town of Bhadrachalam in Telangana State.

a�?The BJP-led Union Government, instead of implementing in letter and spirit the A.P. Reorganisation Act a�� 2014, for which BJP was also a party for the enactment, fomenting bad blood between the two States by adopting delaying tacticsa�?. (NSS)

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