Ilayaraja, SPB Should Sort It Out: VAK Ranga Rao

Bobbili (Vizianagaram): Highly respected musicologist VAK Ranga Rao felt that both Ilayaraja and SP Balasubrahmanyam could have discussed the copyright issue and settled the matter.

Ilayaraja’s action in issuing legal notice to SPB has become a hot topic of debate among the music lovers across the globe.

Ranga Rao wondered if SPB is unaware of the IPRS rules. He said Ilayaraja was legally justified in raising the issue of copyright but doing it after 40 years of SPB’s performances is a bit intriguing, he commented.

Talking to Sakshi reporter here on Tuesday, the music analyst and scholar said, when the organisers of concerts collect money they have to pay part of it to the producers, music directors, lyricists and playback singers by way of royalty. The Indian Performance Rights Society (IPRS) was formed in 1969. According to the rules of the Society any concert where money is collected, the organisers have to pay royalty to the concerned. IPRS is a private registered body and everyone has to abide by the rules. All India Radio and Door Darshan used to pay royalties. Lata Mangeshkar had demanded royalties for her songs.

” Ilayaraja has every right to issue a legal notice. But why he chose to give it when Balu is touring in the US is something I cannot understand. SPB who has been singing for 50 years must be aware of the IPRS. Even if the concert is for charity, when money is collected, the royalty has to be paid. The IPRS has to respond to this controversy. Anant Sriram has given his opinion correctly. I am not sure of the percentages in royalties. But since SPB and Ilayaraja have been good friends they can sort it out through discussion,” said VAK Ranga Rao.

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