IJU condemns one-day ban on NDTV

Hyderabad: The Indian Journalists Union (IJU) has condemned the decision of the Information & Broadcasting Ministry to a�?bana�� NDTV India for one-day on November 9. The decision was purportedly taken as the channel allegedly violated the Cable TV Act by divulging a�?strategically sensitive detailsa�? while covering the attack on Pathankot air base in January this year.

In a statement here on Friday, S N Sinha, president; Amar Devulapalli, secretary-general of IJU; K Amarnath and Prabhat Dash, members of the Press Council of India (PCI), said the Union governmenta��s action portended the return of the dark days of Emergency when the media was gagged.

a�?The unprecedented action of the Union government reminds us of the dark days of Emergency when the media was shackled. This is the first time the Centre used the provisions of the Cable Act to muzzle the media. It indicates the policy of the government and intends to be a warning signal for other media houses what is in store for them, if the official narrative of the government is not accepted. It is strange that the NDTV was singled out for the harsh treatment even though what it broadcast was similar to what other channels and media houses did,a�? the statement said.

The Indian Journalists Union demanded that the Union government should immediately rescind the gag order. It pledged its support to the NDTV India in whatever action it took to defend itself. The IJU called upon the working journalists and editors to strongly resist the restrictions on the media in whichever form they came.


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