Idiots at every step says Riju Bafna, Trainee IAS officer

Lata Jain

A Facebook post by a woman IAS officer Ms.Riju Bafna, about her experience in dealing sexual harassment has gone viral. “I can only pray that no woman is born in this country… Idiots are lined up at every step,” while describing her court ordeal in connection with a sexual harassment case. Riju Bafna, a young IAS officer in her twenties, posted on Face book.

lata jain

Lata Jain

In her post, the trainee IAS officer said, “Santosh Chaubey, Aayogmitra of MP Human Rights Commission was sending me indecent messages last week. I had filed an FIR against him and criminal action is being pursued against him. He was immediately removed from his job, thanks to the swift action by my Collector, Shri Bharat Yadav.”

To her embrassment which did not end with that, the post, further says: “Today, I went to give my statement to the Judicial Magistrate. While I was giving my statement, an advocate named Lalit Sharma was standing next, overhearing my statement, along with others in the court. I asked the judicial magistrate to ask others to leave as I was uncomfortable giving my statement in front of so many people. On saying this, Lalit Sharma started shouting at me, saying ‘how dare you suggest me to leave, I am an advocate here and you might be an officer in your office but not in the Court’. I told him that the privacy I am demanding is not as an IAS officer but as a woman and laws provide me with that. He started arguing and eventually left.”

“Such is the state of affairs for women in this country” Bafna said the magistrate kept silent during the entire incident and when she finally recorded her statement remarked that she was young, a new recruit on first posting, which is why she had expectations of privacy. a�?I would get to know the system and courts with time and get done away with such demands,a�? the IAS officer posted quoting the magistrate.

Idiots are lined up at every step and people are highly insensitive towards our sufferings. If you are born in this country, better prepare yourself for struggle at every step,” she wrote.

A�Realizing that there might be a strong retaliation to her emotions, Ms.Ritu Bafna edited her previous post and removed the “I can only pray that no woman is born in this country” part from the post with a clarification. “In my previous post, there was a line about women not being born in the country. I wrote that line in the spur of moment and I regret blaming the country for the fault of individuals,” corrected Bafna.

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