ICJ Stays kulbushan Jadhav’s Death Sentence

Stay was ordered by International Court of justice on the execution of Indian Kulbhushan Jadhav, who was sentenced to death by Pakistan military court on charges of undercover operations.

New Delhi: Former Indian navy officer Jadhav, who was sentenced to death by Pakistan military court for shadowing operations, received a huge relief from International Court of justice after a stay order was given by it.

International Court of Justice, which operates out of Netherlands in Europe, is the main judicial organ of the UN.

ICJ said in a statement, a�?Republic of India instituted proceedings against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, accusing the latter of a�?egregious violations of the Vienna Convention on Consular relationsa�� in the matter of detention and trail of an Indian national, A�Mr kulbhsuhan A�Sudhir Jadhav, sentenced to death by military Court in Pakistan.a�?

This is a major setback for Pakistan and a diplomatic win for India. Earlier Indian envoy has asked for a report on Jadhava��s health condition, which was not yet submitted by Pakistan until now.

Mr.Harish Salve, senior Advocate is representing India before International Court of Justice in Jadhav’s case.

Minister Of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj carried the message to Jadhav’s mother about the stay order issued by ICJ.


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