ICC Trophy: Match Fixing Allegation Against Pakistan By Ex-captain

Speaking to a Pakistani Channel, Ex-captain Aamir Sohail alleged that their team fixed matches to reach final.

Karachi: Pakistan cricket team ex-captain made some controversial, sensational allegations on his team by saying that their countrya��s team reached final by fixing matches in ICC trophy. He made this statement indirectly by saying some external forces helped Pakistan in the match against England and same will continue in the final too.

Aamir said that it is not because of captain Sarfraz or his team performance that made Pakistan reach final.

a�?Sarfraz, there is no need for you to rejoice, you have not done anything great. Behind the scene story is different and we all know. Dona��t make me to go into details how you reached finals. It is not by the performance on the field, but due to the external factorsa�? Sohail said.

After these serious allegations by Sohail, Pakistan players are kept under scanner. Previously few Pakistan players are banned after they were found guilty in match fixing allegations.

Pacer Mohd Asif, Salman Bhatt, Mohd Irfan, Mohd Amir are the ones who were banned from International matches after they were found guilty of spot-fixing. Meanwhile Sohaila��s comments clearly upset the Pakistan fans who are eager to watch the clash of Titans on Sunday.


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