ICC Trophy: Match Fixing Allegation Against Pakistan By Ex-captain

Speaking to a Pakistani Channel, Ex-captain Aamir Sohail alleged that their team fixed matches to reach final.

Karachi: Pakistan cricket team ex-captain made some controversial, sensational allegations on his team by saying that their country’s team reached final by fixing matches in ICC trophy. He made this statement indirectly by saying some external forces helped Pakistan in the match against England and same will continue in the final too.

Aamir said that it is not because of captain Sarfraz or his team performance that made Pakistan reach final.

“Sarfraz, there is no need for you to rejoice, you have not done anything great. Behind the scene story is different and we all know. Don’t make me to go into details how you reached finals. It is not by the performance on the field, but due to the external factors” Sohail said.

After these serious allegations by Sohail, Pakistan players are kept under scanner. Previously few Pakistan players are banned after they were found guilty in match fixing allegations.

Pacer Mohd Asif, Salman Bhatt, Mohd Irfan, Mohd Amir are the ones who were banned from International matches after they were found guilty of spot-fixing. Meanwhile Sohail’s comments clearly upset the Pakistan fans who are eager to watch the clash of Titans on Sunday.

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Saurav Ganguly Attacked By Pak Mob

Former Indian captain Saurav Ganguly escaped unhurt when Pak supporters tried to attack him after their country reached finals in ICC trophy.

London: The incident took place recently when Pak mob after their team entered finals surrounded Ganguly’s car and started to embarrass him.

Saurav Ganguly was inside his car when mob started raising slogans and spreading the flags across hood. Ganguly was held up and unable to go as he was surrounded from all sides.

But Ganguly acted bravely by keeping smile on the face and waving hands at them. This was just before India playing semi final against Bangladesh.

Even though mob taunted Ganguly, he kept his cool and asked them to give way in a polite manner.

There is a limit in celebrating their team’s victory, but they are not expected to be aggressive against other team players or supporters. This incident will certainly impact in the finals between these two titans which will lit the fire in the players.

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Ind Vs Pak Dream ICC Final: Feast Awaits Cricket Fans On Sunday

Oval will witness dream final of ICC Trophy on Sunday between the traditional adversaries India and Pakistan while the former will try to retain the cup which it won in 2013.

England: It will be a feast for cricket fans with colourful, vibrant final between two countries India and Pakistan which will clash on Sunday. Match between these two countries which were limited for more than 4 years will be bring the highest audience in England.

This will be first contest between these two countries in final after they clashed in T 20 World Cup in 2007. India will be a hot favourites after they won against Pakistan in league match. But we should not forget that Pakistan bounced back well in the tournament with a solid win against the hosts England and reached semis after that defeat at the hands of India. Even Indian captain Kohli praised Pakistan team by saying that they have beaten teams that looked really strong against them.

The clash of titans on Sunday will be one more best weekend for a cricket lover. Cricket match between india and Pakistan is always more than a game with emotions rising to the sky in both the country. Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Omar Sharief is facing a barrage of criticism from right wing forces for congratulating Pakistan captain after winning in the semi-finals against England.

India has a formidable batting lineup and Pakistan is endowed with powerful bowlers. The Sunday final is going to be absorbing with both the teams giving their best to clinch the match.

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