IAFC organizes panel discussion on US elections

Dallas: The Indian American Friendship Council (IAFC) organized a political discussion on the current US presidential elections at a local restaurant on October 30. Titled a�?US Politics and the Role of Indian-Americans,a�? it was hosted by TV 5 and Mana TV and telecast live.

Rao Kalvala, Vice-President of IAFC Texas State Chapter, who opened the discussion, said the objectives of the discussion were to shed light on topics like economy, health care, IT, science & technology, academic research, security, taxation, NRI outlook, etc.A�

The 14 members who took part in the discussion had a variety of views on those topics. A�While some supported the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, some others backed the Republican candidate Donald Trump. A�A few others took a neutral stand.

A�The topics they dealt with were: Rao Kalvala a��technology;A� Gopal Ponangi a�� spiritual; Dr. Ramana Juvvadi a�� economy; A�Chandrahas Maddukuri a�� NRIs political affiliation; Satish Reddy (IAFC National BOD) a�� immigration and racial discrimination; Dr. Bhanumathi Ivatury a�� taxes & women issues; Dr. Raju Indukuri a�� healthcare and insurance; Dr. Kishore Sunkara a�� judiciary; Sridhar Tummala a�� employment growth; Mahesh Guduru a�� safety and security; Prof. Jagadeeswaran Pudur a�� education and research; MVL Prasad a�� new immigrants assimilation and Anil Kilaru a�� IT industry challenges.

Dr. Prasad Thotakura, IAFC President, who moderated the panel discussion said even though the US got its independence from the British on July 4thA�1776, the first general elections werena��t held until 1789. So far, out of 44 US Presidents, 18 were from the Republican Party, 15 from the Democratic Party and 11 from other parties. A�

Now, Americans are getting ready to elect their 45thA�President on November 8th. A�Along with US President, US citizens are going to elect 435 members to the US House of Representatives and 34 Senators. The whole world is eagerly waiting to see who will be the next President because the US is the worldsa�� largest trading nation and future presidenta��s trade agreements, political decisions, etc., will affect the lives of billions of people worldwide.

Dr. Prasad Thotakura reiterated that a�?IAFC is a non-partisan organization and supports policy makers who strive for better Indo-US relations irrespective of their party affiliations.

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