While it has become a fad for the youth to say that dona��t give a damn to caste, the survey shows that 84 per cent of the youth prefer to marry in their own caste. Hypocrisy!

Hyderabad: When my mom and dad married out of their castes before forty years against the wrath of society and ostracism from close relatives, they dreamed that by the time their children grow up, the caste system wona��t be so rigid and they would breathe in a society where caste wona��t be an objectionable aspect. Down thirty years, and they were being questioned about the caste of my mom whenever they took the marriage proposals of my brothers into someone of the dada��s caste. Mom says, she never ever thought of her caste as many times as it has been mentioned during time of my brothersa�� marriages. Finally vexed, when my dad asked my brothers that why dona��t they find the bride of their choice from any caste, they said, a�?we dona��t want to be worried about our childrena��s marriages like you, by marrying into other castes.a�?

This is the state of things in our neo modern society right now. The survey jointly conducted by the Centre For The Study of Developing Societies, Lonrad Adenauer Stiftung and Lokniti, Indian youth are certainly becoming more modern in their appearance but their thoughts and views reflect a troubling inclination towards intolerance and conservatism. Caste lines have become more rigid than they were before fifty years. While it has become a fad for the youth to say that dona��t give a damn to caste, the survey shows that 84 per cent of the youth prefer to marry in their own caste. Hypocrisy!

Boys would like to show off an ultra modern girl friend but when it comes to marriage, they want a docile girl who is Karyeshu Dasi and Sayaneshu Rambha. Hypocrisy! We want to be accepted, acknowledged and applauded for everything we do. The sense of doing something purely for our happiness doesna��t exist in our society. We would be branded as selfish. Then is it not selfish to turn blind eye to hunger of people around you and gift millions of worth jewelery to god? Hypocrisy!

A video clipping has been doing rounds in social media where a rich man is serving a wedding dinner with rice covered with gold foil. More than 30 per cent of the Indian population cana��t afford two square meals a day, forget about the gold foil on it. But most of the people applauded it saying that it was one of the most impressive dinners of the year. Apathy!! Now we have Romeo squads and cow vigilantes who think that they are a parallel legal system. We dona��t need more laws; we just need the integrity to implement them. Last day when I was driving home and a cow and a sheep bumped across my way at the same time, I was extra cautious not to hit the cow even at the cost of running over the sheep. I was afraid I would be issued shoot at sight order by cow vigilantes! They declared already that every drop of cow blood that is shed on ground, they wona��t mind to slaughter even lakhs and lakhs of men. So my five litersa�� of blood hardly matters!

Infect the lives of any other animal hardly matters in comparison to cow. Cow is sacred. Agreed! So is the life in every form. Why hypocrisy? I wonder how they miss this simple and beautiful aspect of Hinduism that life should be respected in all its forms. We dona��t need Romeo squads to deal with eve teasers. We already have enough laws to deal with that. We dona��t need another team of goons to deal with already existing ones.A� Boys love to go out with girls and vice versa. Leta��s deal with this. We need to teach our boys to respect girls when they take them out on a date; we need to teach our girls to be safe and strong enough to deal with unpleasant situations when they go out with boys.

Over 80 per cent of the Indian boys and girls would like to date someone of their choice and choose their life partner, but they are tuned to say that they want to respect their parenta��s choice. This is not called culture, this is called hypocrisy. You are not allowed to say what you want, or even you are not allowed to feel what you feel. Because it is very unethical and immoral and so not Indian to just be what we are, or to just acknowledge what we feel. More than 75 per cent of the young boys have tasted alcohol but even in surveys 60 per cent would deny even having smelled it. This is not called good upbringing. This is called bringing up the boys without enough nerves to accept the truth. Most of the girls would love to wear comfortable modern cloths for work or for fun, but most of them stop themselves with a�?what would people think?a�? this is not called respect for culture. This is called lack of courage to be what you are and to be proud of it at the same time.

I am a young Indian. I like to tap my feet on the dance floor with my friends. I like to see myself twice in mirror in my sleek jeans. I love my occasional drinks and I go out to movies with my friends without thinking twice about their sex. I eat the food of my choice without any regret about the origin of that cheese if it has come from the gut of a pig or a cow, and still a��. I would like to be known as an Indian, not as some westernized, disillusioned youth as they brand us. I am the young Indian, the unhypocratic Indian with no regrets and no disrespect.

Sanjeevani Kusum

(The writer is a lecturer in Government Junior College at Kovvur in West Godavari district. She can be reached atsanjeevanikusum@gmail.com & 8500707056)

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  1. Divakaruni says:

    I like to tap my feet on the dance floor with my friends. I love my occasional drinks and I go out to movies with my friends without thinking twice about their sex. With whom Ms.Kusum? Definitely not to do all those things with someone’s else’s husband.
    Ms.Kusum, Feminism means “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes” not to grab a man from his family? Do you really feel that you are a feminist I don’t think so, because?
    Having a relationship with a married man who is having 27 years old daughter? And preaching him to act against his wife and his family? What are you expecting out of that relationship? When your relationship is so pure why are not answering his wife’s phone calls? why you blocked her mobile? What are trying to prove by blocking her mobile? Why are not clearing misunderstanding between husband and wife just because of your FRIENDSHIP?
    When u r preaching about hypocrisy, look into yourself also. Why are u advising her husband to block his wife’s mobile? What are trying to prove my dear feminist? Is this what you are teaching to your students in your college? When you r thinking you are a feminist then why you did not call a single women to your book opening? When they are so many successful writers and business women in both the states?

  2. Sumathi says:

    Mate poaching is a robust phenomenon, and it is here to stay. When single women see a moderately attractive male, they are more interested in him if they believe he is already in a relationship! Becareful wid this kid of people. My friend is one of the sufferer.

  3. Sumathi says:

    మగ పురుగు లేదు book (3 places లొ )రిలీజుకి ఎందుకని

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