Hyderabadis a�� woes return with rains

Ita��s an annual feature and the picture is familiar. Long-time residents keep witnessing the same scene year after year. Water-logged localities, traffic jams, sewerage overflowing, vehicles stuck in mud, manholes being opened to drain rain water putting pedestrians at risk of losing a limb or even life.

This year commutersa�� woes have further compounded by Metro construction on arterial roads. In other areas like Malkajgiri and Sainikpuri, it is the pipeline work that turned roads upside down. Interior roads that get a little attention before the civic polls are virtual booby traps when it rains heavily. With residents putting up speed breakers with wild abandon and cutting roads for water pipelines, travelling in colonies is a back-breaking experience even in normal days. A little rain will make these roads impassable and a heavy downpour cuts off many low-lying areas and residential colonies.

Why do residents face the same situation season after season? Not that the authorities are not aware of the civic problems. Both the electronic and print media keep highlighting the monsoon woes of people and their plight whenever it rains heavily in graphic detail. But response and action is minimal.

However, we keep reading crores of rupees have been sanctioned to repair damaged roads and clear clogged sewage and storm drain networks. If the money is properly spent, why problems keep recurring? Obviously, allotted funds are going down the drain or somewhere else.

Many of the civic problems in the twin cities, like many other metropolises, are caused by residents themselves. Cases are galore where nalas were blocked for construction of buildings and lake lands were occupied, obstructing the natural flow of rain water from higher level to lower areas and into lakes. Vanishing water bodies under buildings and lack of effective sewage/ rain water drainage system will lead to water-logging and flooding. Unless these twin issues are addressed in earnest, Hyderabadis continue to suffer whenever clouds burst.

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