Hyderabad reeling under floods

  • Thousands potholes endanger lives of citizens

Hyderabad: Mega city has been reeling under floods since Tuesday. The heavy downpour has left the roads under stagnated water and commuters had a difficult time.

Whenever there are moderate rain the roads in the city will get ruined with water clogging all over. The last Nizam had got perfect underground drainage system in place. It was planned for ten lakh people. But the population had grown by leaps and bounds. The drainage system was destroyed by encroachments. Instead of fortifying and expanding the drainage system to suit the grown needs of the fast expanding city, it was allowed to be depleted. The citizens are paying for their callousness with which they damaged the roads and drainage system.

While the road was under floods a young man fell down trying to take a selfie and was washed away. More rain is expected in Hyderabad and in the two Telugu States in the next couple of days.

TS Minister in charge of municipal administration K T Rama Rao had expressed anguished at the state of affairs. He said the corporation has funds and staff but the potholes are left uncovered endangering the lives of pedestrians. KTR had conducted a review meeting with GHMC chief engineer and the zonal staff in Tuesday. He threatened that officers would be suspended for bad roads. More than 2000 complaints have been received on potholes and non-functioning streetlights. The GHMC claimed that it had identified 54,547 potholes. However, there are thousands of potholes which the corporation has not bothered about. Even the potholes that were filled were not properly filled. Minister KTR was forced to comment that the image of the government had taken a beating because of the potholes.

GHMC commissioner B Janardhan Reddy also expressed his unhappiness on the way the engineering staff have been functioning.

NTR Marg road that connects IMAX circle to Secretariat in Hyderabad caves in following heavy rain.

NTR Marg road that connects IMAX circle to Secretariat in Hyderabad caves in following heavy rain.

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