Hyderabad Real Boom Shocks Telugu States

Land boom has come back to Hyderabad with a bang setting a new all-time record.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad is back with real boom which was witnessed on Thursday in the auction of Government lands at Rayadurgam near Nanakramguda.

A whopping a�? 185 crores cheque was received by Government with auction of 4.98 acres near Knowledge City of Rayadurgam.

Acre fetched a sum of a�? 42.59 crore which is a new record in Telangana and even in United Andhra Pradesh. Previous record rate after T state was formed was a�? 29 crore near IT corridor of Rayadurgam.

Out of six land parcels for auction by TSIIC, only two received bids which were by Aidtya Pvt Infra.

Telangana Government in order to implement schemes and to raise funds, is going for auction of Government lands which yielded a�? 1685 crores up to now in four phases.

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