Hyderabad Police Implements Road Safety Rules To Reduce Traffic Jams

The Traffic Police booked more than 1,500 cases against the violators in just one day, they are determined to discipline the drivers in the city and streamline the traffic.

Hyderabad:  The Hyderabad Traffic Police started booking the vehicular drivers from Tuesday. The Traffic Police has recently released a manual for those driving on the roads. It has introduced a point system to streamline the traffic and reduce violations.

On the first day itself, the Traffic Police booked many cases. They started imposing a penalty and also giving points for violations.

The motorcyclists who ignore the red light and speed away, who don’t wear any helmet or speak over the phone while driving, are getting caught by police and receiving challans. The police are showing them the points they scored by violating rules.

The point system is not a positive one. If a driver gets 12 points her license would be scrapped. As part of the Road Safety Act implementation, the police booked 1,500 cases on Tuesday alone by early evening.

This number might have gone up later. The officials said that they would intensify checking across the city from Wednesday.

The police initially are concentrating on the motorcyclists and auto drivers. Officials say that these people are responsible for the traffic jams in the main areas and roads that have heavy traffic.

Traffic jam has become the norm in areas like Ameerpet, Panjagutta, Lakdi Ka Pool and Kukatpally to SR Nagar road during peak hours. The reason is that the motorcyclists are parking their vehicles on the roads or trying to speed away, leading to accidents. It is the same with the auto drivers, who stop their vehicles suddenly for the sake of customers or suddenly taking turns making the whole traffic stop. This leads to jams.

The officials have taken these two issues also into consideration. On Tuesday, the officials stopped the motorcyclists who were not wearing helmets and credited one point into their account. They have also booked cases against auto drivers who took the wrong route and also for allowing extra person sit in the driving seat.

The officials held extensive checks in Kachiguda, Amberpet, and Old City.

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