Hyderabad gets first-ever eToilets

Hyderabad:A�HyderabadA�got its first-ever electronic toilets (eToilets). Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) launched two she-toiletsA�(eToilets tailor-made for women) near Charminar on Friday.

GHMC Commissioner Janardhan Reddy, Mayor Bontu Rammohan, and MLA Pasha Khadri were present during the inauguration.

A total of five units have been installed of which two were inaugurated on Friday. The corporation is planning to set up about 26 eToilets at several historical places includingA�GolcondaA�during phase I.

Electronic toilets a�� manufactured by Trivandrum-based Eram Scientific Solutions a�� are modular, pre-fabricated public toilets integrated with user-friendly interfaces to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. She-toiletsA�are additionally equipped with napkin vending machines and incinerators to dispose of the used napkins.A�

The eToilets are incorporated with a full-cycle approach in sustainable sanitation by integrating electrical, mechanical and web-mobile technologies which control the entry, usage, cleaning with remote monitoring capabilities.

The unmanned and automated eToilets feature self-cleaning mechanism, which do away with the need for any manual supervision or regular upkeep. The eToilets feature automatic pre-flush and after-flush, automatic platform cleaning, and LED indications and have GPRS-enabled remote monitoring capabilities for online tracking of entry and usage of every user. They are programmed to turn on the lights and fan when a user enters, flush 1.5 litres of water after the first three minutes and 4.5 litres after a little longer and clean the floor after every ten users.

The eToilets have been sponsored by State Bank of Hyderabad, Indian Oil Corporation, Telangana Apex Co-operative Bank, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences and several other corporate companies under CSR.

a�?The corporation will install as many as 26 eToilets during phase I in historical places which will be beneficial for the visiting tourists. The eToilets will be power-efficient as they will consume less water. They have coin-operated entry, and onsite waste treatment using anaerobic bio-degradation. The eToilets are not only smart but are well suited at a time traditional toilet infrastructures are in terrible condition. Such intelligent and smart solutions can solve the sanitation challenges in a major way. Also, the corporation will generate revenue through advertisements from the eToilets,a�? said GHMC commissioner B Janardhan Reddy.A�

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