Hyderabad Drugs Case: Addicts Ordering Them By Courier

Many of the addicts are procuring their drugs through courier, including from South America and African countries. This revelation points to the fact that the malaise is far widespread than so far believed.

Hyderabad: In a shocking revelation, authorities investigating the drugs abuse case in Hyderabad and its environs have found that courier services are being used as a channel to procure drugs on a large scale.

As a result, courier companies have also come under the scanner of the ongoing investigations. These organisations have been ordered to keeping an eye on the parcels they handle, particularly those received from South America and African countries.

There are three major courier services in the private sector, apart from Government-owned Department of Posts, which receive parcels from foreign countries. While operations of private couriers are limited to certain countries, the Postal Department offers worldwide services.

Excise Enforcement officials fear that drugs are being imported easily, as there is no proper inspection of goods. In this context, Excise Enforcement Director Akun Sabharwal on Tuesday held a meeting with Postal Department officials. They have been asked to be particularly careful about those who are receiving parcels frequently. If anything suspicious is found, the Excise Enforcement Department must be informed immediately. Likewise, officials of Customs have also been asked to be alert.

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While the general thought was that Accused No. 1 Calvin Mascarenhas was importing drugs including from Goa and supplying them to connoisseurs in the twin cities, officials were shocked when they realised that school and college students were directly importing drugs, including cannabis, through couriers.A� Experts in utilising technology, they are using the dark net to place their orders. Children of government officials and top brass in private enterprises are said to be utilising this route.

Incidentally, this revelation too came during interrogation of Calvin. His group was also using dark net and courier companies to import LSD on a large scale. The drug was then being supplied to different sections of people in the twin cities.

Unfortunately, some of the students have also become suppliers to sustain their habit. So far, five such students have been identified and counselled. One student even said he had ordered drugs for the sake of his friends. Ironically, he also revealed to officials how drugs can be ordered over the net.

Officials, however, do not want to put such studentsa�� names in the public domain. They have organised counselling sessions for these students along with their parents.

Of the 13 arrested so far in the drugs case, Anish, a former scientist with NASA in US, has been found to be the person who imported maximum cannabis, apart from LSD. He placed eight orders in just six months.

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