Hyderabad 4th Richest In India

(Primepost Bureau)

Hyderabad: The city built by Quli Kutub Shah has emerged as the fourth richest city in the country. The total wealth of Hyderabad has been estimated at Rs 2,061,190 crore ($310 billion). The city of pearls is home to 8,200 millionaires and seven billionaires, according to a report by New World Wealth, a global wealth intelligence and market research company. Millionaires, referred in the report as high net worth individuals (HNWIs), are those who have net assets worth $1 million or more. Billionaires are individuals with net assets of $ 1 billion or more.

The private wealth held by all individual citizens is known as total wealth. Wealth is defined as the total value of wealth held by individual. It includes immovable properties, cash, equity, business interests, etc. The government funds are not included in the calculation.

Mumbai is NO.1

Indiaa��s finance capital Mumbai remains as number one city in the country being the home to 45,000 millionaires and 28 billionaires. The total wealth of the wealthiest city in the country is $820 billion. Mumbai is followed by New Delhi and Bengaluru at the second and third places respectively. Delhi can boast of 22,000 millionaires and 18 billionaires and has a total wealth of $450 billion, Bengaluru has 7,500 millionaires and eight billionaires.

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