Is Human Touch Missing In TDP?

The TDP leaders and cadre feel that the human touch that was in evidence in the past is now missing in Chandrababu Naidu.

Ankababu Kollu

Vijayawada: It is widely believed and discussed among the TDP cadre and leaders that ‘ human touch ‘ has been missing in their boss.

All said and done, as in any regional party TDP also is monolithic. And Chandrababu Naidu was the sole supreme leader till the other day, and now Lokesh is being slowly groomed to take the mantle.

Naidu developed intimacy with everyone from the common workers to the members of the politbureau in the party since he was instrumental in building the party from grassroots level to a mighty organisation.

When NTR launched the party and came to power in a record period of nine months, there was no systematised party net work.

Only after Naidu took over as party secretary, actual exercise to build the party started.

It was a great opportunity to have contacts from bottom to top. He knows almost all the key party leaders by name.

This was where his cobrother and husband of Purandhreswari lagged behind though he was senior in the party.

Daggubati never tried to develop contacts with grass root level party cadre except top level.

That is why there was no protest or cries when NTR was removed from the position of CM and CBN sat in that chair.

But now, after coming to power in 2014, it is widely felt and feared that the personal rapport with CM has been going down day by day. Even the ministers and MLAs are feeling the same way.

When out of power for ten years we were comfortable with our leader. There were regular interactions, discussions, enquiries about family problems, attending functions together, helping when needed were witnessed.

Now the technology is more used to interact, know opinion, monitor activities than by personal rapport,” said some leaders of the TDP.

CBN was of late habituated to believe technology more than humans. The party cadre is being assessed through the data available in the party office.

Their work, activities are monitored by the data, instructions regularly pass through with technological.

Here comes the problem. Slowly personal rapport is waning away.

Many party leaders feel lot of discontentment among them because of teleconferences and lengthy speeches while addressing group meetings. The leaders crave for one to one approach where they can vent their feelings which cannot be done in a group.

It is felt that one important leader of the party got a jolt because of interference by CBNa��s family member.

When brought to the notice of the chief minister, he immediately interfered and solved the problem through concerned officials.

But the affected leader is not happy that CBN did not console him when he personally met and even mentioned about the damage caused to his reputation.

Though problem was solved ND K he still has the grouse that CM dint console him and he feels about personal touch vacuum.

Until Lokesh was inducted into the cabinet, at least he was personally available to party functionaries. He used to deal with them to some extent and conveying grievances to his father.

After becoming minister Lokesh is busy with his heavy portfolios unable to spare time to party work.

Similar is the case with kala Venkata Rao. Technically he is state party president. As he is now minister; he is also not concentrating on party.

Only Dadarath janardhan to some extent available to party functionaries whose stature is not sufficient either to control or console them.

Assembly and parliament elections are fast approaching.

Party is not geared up to face elections because of ground level problems which are to be sorted out on war footing.

Party has to be restructured at state level with new president.

Some of the top leaders of the opposition CBN should immediately concentrate on party and disgruntled leaders lest they join hands to conspire against Naidu.

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