Human Shield Never To Vote Again In Life

A young man who went to a polling booth in Srinagar to vote in a by-election returned home after fracturing his hand when he was used as a human shield by jawans. He resolved never to vote again.

Srinagar: A new wave of dissent and fatalism is sweeping Kashmir valley.  A young man who had faith in democratic process and voted in the recent by-poll for Srinagar Lok Sabha seat had a horrible experience with the armed forces. He got his hand fractured and resolved not to vote again in his life.

Only 7.1 percent of the voters in Srinagar Lok Sabha Constituency had voted to send former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah to Parliament. Farooq himself has been talking against India disputing the fact of Jammu & Kashmir merger in India. One of the few persons that had voted was Farooq Ahmad Dar, 26, a small shawl merchant. He left his home in the morning to exercise his franchise and returned in the evening with a broken arm.

He was used as a human shield by the jawans of Rashtriya Rifles to stop the stone- throwing protestors. One of the stones had hit Ahmad fracturing his left arm. According to the information Ahmad had given to the newspapers, he and his brother had set out on two different two wheelers to go to nearby polling booths. While Ahmad was on his way back home, about 15 jawans stopped him questioning about the place he was coming from. He replied that he was returning from the polling booth. But the jawans started beating him up alleging that he was pelting stones on the armed forces.

Afterwards, he was made to sit on the bonnet of a jeep and then tied him with ropes. The jeep travelled to more than 15 villages with Ahmad sitting like a duck. Ahmad’s brother was following the jeep pleading with the jawans to leave him. The jawans threatened to tie up Ahmad’s brother also if they made a fuss. Ahmad told them that he never pelted stones in his life and he had been leading a normal life doing Shawl business. But the jawans used him as a shield to protect themselves from the stone throwing youth. An anonymous police officer had agreed that Ahmad was used as a shield and he was taken round for more than 20 kms.

Ahmad and his brother are in two minds on complaining to the police. If they lodge a complaint there is every possibility that Ahmad would be arrested or kidnapped. They fear harassment by the para-military jawans. Ahmad said his two hands became useless and he does not know how to continue with manufacturing of shawls. He said he has lost faith in democracy and would never vote again in the rest of his life.

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Brave Heart Colonel Cheetah Discharged From AIIMS

He was injured in the encounter that took place on February 14 at Bandipora district

New Delhi:  Brave heart who received nine bullets fighting with terrorists and who went into coma for more than a month, CRPF Colonel Chetan Kumar Cheetah was discharged from AIIMS trauma care on Wednesday. Doctors who treated him for one month described his recovery a miracle. Colonel Cheetah gained consciousness on Tuesday and started speaking.

He was injured in the encounter that took place on February 14 at Bandipora district.  He sustained bullet injuries in the head, his limbs were fractured and right eye badly ruptured. Around three soldiers and on terrorist were killed in the encounter.  According to sources they were attacked by the militants who had information about the attack on their hide out.

The 45 year old Colonel was immediately taken to the military hospital, where basic treatment was given to prevent bleeding and sent to AIIMS. Doctors at AIIMS trauma care performed surgery and removed a part of skull to prevent intra cranial pressure.

Incidentally his discharge came on a day when National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah described the stone pelters as nationalists who are ready to die for the nation.

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Farooq Sparks Fresh Controversy

National Conference patriarch Farooq Abdullah sparked fresh controversy by suggesting that US should mediate

New Delhi:  National Conference patriarch Farooq Abdullah sparked fresh controversy by suggesting that US should mediate to resolve the Indo-Pak issues. This statement came as a shocker as it was completely paradoxical to the stand taken by Indian government on Trump’s suggestion of intervention as third party to resolve Indo-Pak issues. However, Pakistan welcomed suggestion of U.S. to mediate saying that the bilateral talks failed so far.

Apart from seeking intervention of U.S., Farooq also glorified stone pelters calling them nationalists who are fighting for e nation. His comments attracted criticism from various political parties. They alleged that he was trying to attract certain sections of society as by polls are around the corner in the state.

Meanwhile, the BJP heavily came down saying that National Conference and Farooq Abdullah have become irrelevant. The party also said that he was looking for short term gains and described stone pelting an act of war.

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పాకిస్తాన్ తో చర్చలకు ఫారూక్ డిమాండ్

  • వోట్ల కోసం యుద్ధవాతావరణ సృష్టించవద్దని వ్యాఖ్య

న్యూ ఢిల్లీ: పాకిస్తాన్ తో బేషరతుగా భారత్ చర్చలకు దిగాలని జమ్ము-కాశ్మీర్ లోని వివిధ ప్రతిపక్ష నేతలతో సమావేశమైన ఆ రాష్ట్ర మాజీ ముఖ్యమంత్రి, నేషనల్ కాన్ఫరెన్స్ నాయకుడు డా. ఫారూక్ అబ్దుల్లా కేంద్రాన్ని కోరారు. ఇప్పుడున్న యుద్ధ వాతావరణాన్ని నివారించాలని, ఇలాంటి ఉద్రిక్త పరిస్థితి ఉగ్రవాదాన్ని అరికట్టడం కన్నా మరింత ఎక్కువగా పెంచి పోషిస్తుందని ఆయన వ్యాఖ్యానించారు. వోట్ల కోసం ఇలాంటి వాతావరణాన్ని సృష్టించవద్దని ఆయన సలహా ఇచ్చారు. రెండు దేశాలు కూర్చుని మాట్లాడుకుని సమస్యలను పరిష్కరించుకోవాలన్నారు. ఉగ్రవాదాన్ని రాజకీయం చేయద్దని సూచించారు. సర్జికల్ దాడులపై కానీ, ఉరీపై జరిగిన దాడిపై కానీ ఇప్పుడు తాను మాట్లాడబోనని అన్నారు. కాంగ్రెస్ కూడా ఈ సమావేశంలో పాల్గొంది.

ఒక పక్క శ్రీనగర్ పై టెర్రరిస్టుల దాడిని సైన్యం ఎదుర్కొంటున్న సమయంలోనే ఫారూక్ అబ్దుల్లా పాకిస్తాన్ తో చర్చలు జరపాలని సూచించడంపై పలువురు ఆక్షేపణలు వ్యక్తం చేశారు. ఇది గత 25 రోజుల్లో ఉగ్రవాదులు జరిపిన 6వ దాడి అని వారు గుర్తు చేశారు. చర్చలకు మనదేశం ఎన్నడూ వ్యతిరేకం కాదనీ, కానీ చర్చలకు అనుకూలమైన వాతావరణం ఏర్పరచవలసిన బాధ్యత ఇప్పుడు ప్రధానంగా పాకిస్తాన్ దే నని బీజేపీ వ్యాఖ్యానించింది.

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