HP Printer rejects refilled cartridges

Large number of HP Printer owners reported that their printers stopped recognising unofficial compatible printer ink cartridges on September 13, as news reports suggest.

HP said that during its latest firmware update, settings have been changed so HP printers would only communicate with HP-chipped cartridges. Further it said that some devices already had the functionality built-in in their devices.

HP said that such updates were rolled out periodically but did not comment on the timing of the last update.

“The purpose of this update is to protect HP’s innovations and intellectual property,” it said in a statement.

Chipped cartridges filled with alternative ink would still work, HP said.

It said: “These printers will continue to work with refilled or re-manufactured cartridges with an original HP security chip. Other cartridges may not function.

Reported error messages by HP printer owners include “cartridge problem”, “one or more cartridges are missing or damaged” or “older generation cartridge”.A�The HP OfficeJet, OfficeJet Pro and OfficeJet Pro X printers are affected.

HP has angered several of its customers as their branded cartridges are more expensive than compatible brands.

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