How isha yoga choose volunteers for the practice of yoga in spicejet

Lata Jain

While the media and the entire world is talking about this event, it has not been an easy task for the instructors of the Isha Yoga Foundation. Practicing yoga mid air is surely challenging, express the organizers.

These 20 flights needed special instructors who can demonstrate the “Upa Yoga” modules to passengers seated. This is not easy since this imposes a lot of restrictions on passenger movement in order to keep their safety.  Isha yoga had to work around this constraint to provide 3 modules which could be used by passengers for their well-being. The yoga modules were more focused on strained necks and shoulders, shallower breathing because of anxiety and other factors which air passengers face while travelling.

The challenge also is larger when there is no in flight video demonstration possible unlike on large international air crafts.

The method that Isha yoga used was to create 2 sets of people – one those who would be guiding the instructions on the aircraft PA system and the second set of people who would demonstrate live in the aircraft aisle so that the passengers can view this while seated.

All this is being done keeping in mind that the yoga postures have to be completely authentic which is what Isha yoga is committed to, says one of the volunteers.

Long distance flights which give sufficient time beyond the takeoff and landing and the meal serving had to be chosen.  These flights would have been about 2 hours or more. This gives sufficient time for the 10-15 minute yoga module keeping in mind that during the monsoons, air turbulence can be much higher than usual.

Most of the yoga module does not have a “short cut” quick method to finish the process quickly.  That would not benefit the passengers so this requires tremendous practice by the instructors to make sure that it is delivered correctly.

So this mid air challenge of practicing yoga in air is surely going to rewrite the history of yoga.

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  1. Kishoore Khanna says:

    Excellent. Requires tremendous will & efforts. Need more such expressions for the benefit of humanity. Hats off. My standing ovation & salutation. Luv. Kishoore Khanna, New Delhi.

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