Honour Killing In Nalgonda District, A Father Kills Daughter, Dalit Lover

It is a case of honour killing in Nalgonda district. The father of a girl allegedly killed her and her Dalit lover for the sake of false sense of honour.

Hyderabad: A Dalit Youth, Naresh, who disappeared on May 2nd, was found murdered brutally. It is reportedly the result of an honour Killing indulged in by the girl’s father. The love story took a dramatic turn on Saturday with the police arresting Naresha��s father-in-law and two others accused in this case.

As per police, Amboji Naresh, a Dalit youth, was killed by Srinivas Reddy as he was unhappy with his daughter Swathi marrying a youth from another caste.

Srinivas Reddy called his daughter Swathi and Naresh with a promise to accept their marriage, killed Naresh in his fields at Lingarajupally Village of Nalgonda district.

Naresha��s body was recovered by the police from the fields.

Reddy along with his brother and son killed Naresh, set afire his body and threw it in Musi River.

Tummala Swathi had allegedly committed suicide at his parenta��s residence on May 16th. The post-mortem report also confirmed the suicide theory. But information received by the police on Saturday afternoon suggests that Swathi was forced to record a message in a selfie in which she alleged that Naresh and his parents have been harassing for dowry. The police believe that Swathi was killed by her father who went on to kill Naresh. This information is yet to be confirmed by the police. This is a tragic end of a love story between two childhood friends belonging to two different castes.

Before this incident, Swathia��s father filed a dowry case on Naresh and his parents in HC.

Amboji Venkatiah, Naresha��s father, also approached court seeking direction to police to trace his missing son.

Tummala Swati and Naresh who fell in love when they were doing graduation, got married without informing the elders. The real story began only after that.

After completing graduation in 2015, Naresh went to his parents living in Mumbai. But, Naresh and Swatia��s longtime relationship survived the odds. Naresh, who came to attend a function at Chityala on March 16, took Swathi along with him while returning to Mumbai.

In Mumbai, he sought the protection of Bandra Court and got married to her on March 25. They went to Goliwada police station for protection on the directions of the court. The police immediately called the parents and informed them about their whereabouts.

Meanwhile, as Swathia��s father Srinivasa Reddy came to know about the marriage with Naresh, he immediately filed a case against Naresh, his friends and relatives at Atmakur police station. In this context, Naresha��s father, Venkataiah went to Ramanna Peta CI claiming they were majors and submitted their marriage documents.

Later, police harassed the family members of Naresh. With this, both parties agreed to cancel the marriage and took away their children with them.

But, the couple met without the knowledge of elders. Swathi left for Mumbai on April 2nd. Naresh set up a family without informing the parents. Knowing about this, Naresha��s parents took them to their house. During this time, Swathia��s father called them up and said that he would agree to the marriage. He called umpteen times asking them to come back.

In this context, Swathi and Naresh started from Mumbai on May 2. But the whereabouts of Naresh are not known since he reached Bhuvanagiri. While Swathi is understood to have committed suicide, the whereabouts of Naresh were not known. The police have succeeded in solving the mystery of Naresha��s disappearance. The police did not act in time, according to the parents of Naresh. Had the police acted immediately after they lodged a complaint, said Venkataiah. The police acted only after the High Court ordered them to do so.

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