Historic day for Nepal

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September 20, 2015 was a historic day for Nepal. The once and the only Hindu kingdom became a fully secular and democratic country after the Constituent Assembly adopted the new Constitution. The new statute came into effect after seven years of deliberations and protests, often violent, from various ethnic groups.

Presenting the Constitution to Nepal Parliament, President Ram Baran Yadav called for unity and cooperation of all. a�?The Constitution is the common document of all of us to protect our freedom, independence, geographic integrity, and sovereignty of people,a�? he said.

The new statute is expected to give equal opportunities to all Nepalese and its motto is a�?unity in diversity.a�? The land-locked country will have a bicameral legislature: Lower House or the House of Representatives with 375 members and the Upper House with 60 members. The country will have seven provinces and they will be demarcated within a year. With the new Constitution coming into effect, the interim statute was declared void.

Nepala��s historic moment came amid protests from some ethnic groups who have been opposing the new statute as they believe it has failed to address the issues they have raised. Among these groups are Madhesis and Tharus. During the drafting of the new Constitution, India had urged Nepal to address the ethnic groupsa�� concerns but apparently Kathmandu had not heeded Delhia��s plea. Nevertheless, the Modi government has congratulated Nepal.

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