Hindupur Insults Its MLA, Balakrishna

People of Hindupur constituency are angry with their MLA and film hero Nandamuri Balakrishna for not attending the problems they are facing due to water scarcity.

Hindupur: MLA Balakrishna, who was hugged by voters of Hindupur in 2014 elections, faced an insult by the same people, which led to a lathi charge.

There is a severe water problem in the constituency and people are buying water for a�?10 for pot. Even for buying,A�there are long queues and men are missing their work due to water crisis. This irked the women and they in protest paraded buffaloes with Balakrishnaa��s name painted on them.

People are serious on Balakrishna, who did not visit constituency for five months, as he seem to beA�busy with film shooting. Balakrishna may not contest from Hindupur in coming elections, and that might be the reason why he is not visiting his constituency, say Hindupur voters.

They further say that even if he contested,A�theyA�would defeat him and teach him a lesson. Those who protested have been dealt with sternly by the police. A number of cases were booked against the people who were involved in the episode.

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