Hillary Wins The First Presidential Debate

  • Clinton, Trump Clash On Jobs, Economy

Hempstead, United States: Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton was adjudged winner in the first presidential debate that had taken place on Monday evening local time. The CNN poll conducted soon after the debate concluded gave HillaryA� 62 percent.

Hillary and Donald Trump had a clash of wits during the first presidential debate that took place on the university campus on Tuesday morning at 6 am (IST). Hillary appeared to have faredA� better thanks to her experience as Secretary of State and as a Senator. A rank outsider to politics, Trump had come up with aces one of them being,’Hillary has experience, but it is bad experience’.

On the question of economy both the candidates have expressed the views held by their respective parties. Reducing taxes has been the Republican Party Candidates Donald Trump’s refrain. Democratic Party candidate Hillary ClintonA� brought up the business mess Trump created for himself because of which he had to declare insolvency six times. She describedA� the tax policy being advocated by Trump as ‘Trumped up trickle down’. Trump, on his part, spoke about the mismanagement of official emails when Hillary was Secretary of State. Hillary admitted without any fuss that it was a mistake and should she do it again she would do it differently. Trump called Hillary’s policies ‘all talk and no action’.

They clashed over jobs, taxes and individual lapses. Hillary came across confident when the question of dissuading Iran from going nuclear through coalition building, aggressive diplomacy and without firing a shot. Trump, in the other hand, was defensive when asked about his support to the attack on Iraq. He denied that he ever supported Iraq war.

After gathering each other with a smile and a handshake, both started attacking each other. Each accused the other of distortion and falsehood. When Hillary said, ‘I have a feeling that I am going to be blamed for every thing’, Trump retorted, ‘Why not?’. Clinton flayed the Republican candidate for not releasing his tax returns leading to doubts whether he is as rich and charitable as he claims to be. A few returns that were released showed that despite his wealth he did not pay any federal incomes tax. Trump said, ‘That makes me smart’. The jury is out to decide on who won the debate.

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