Hillary, Trump Make Final Pitch

Venkata Kondubhatla

Washington D.C.: Hillary Clinton concluded her campaign by urging voters to vote for inclusiveness and big-heartedness. Her campaigna��s slogan was a�?stronger togethera�?. Donald Trump, on the other hand, finished his rally by promising voters of replacing corrupt political class and making America great and safe again.

Both the presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, made final pitch to the American voters, the night before the election.Hillary event was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,while Trump made his final campaign speech at Manchester, New Hampshire. Both of these are key battleground states.

Huge crowds attended both the speeches. Hillary stage was filled with dignitaries. American President Barrack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Hillarya��s husband and former President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea Clinton accompanied Hillary.

Hillary asked for votes by repeating that she wanted to be president to all. She said everyone should have a chance live up to full potential. She criticized Trump for lashing out at Khizr Khan, whose son died in Iraq war, and asked if Captain Khan has a place in Trumpa��s America.

She applauded diversity in the country and promised to build bridges instead of walls, as her opponent has been saying.

Donald Trump began his speech after introducing his family. He said two great people in the football world a�� Tom Brady, a football player, and Bill Belichick, American football coach, support him. Both of them are very famous among football lovers.

Trump said corrupt special interest has stolen votera��s jobs. He said real change would come by repealing Obama care. Hillary is protected by a totally rigged system, he said referring to email scandal. Trump also criticized media as he did earlier by calling them (most of them) dishonest people. Mike Pence, his running mate, also spoke earlier to Trump.

Michelle and Barrack Obama supported Hillary. Obama said that he was optimistic as he was in 2008. He urged voters to vote for a�?hopea�? and not for a�?feara�?.Obama ridiculed Trump and said, a�?his campaign wona��t trust him with his tweets, and how can we believe him with nuclear weapona�?.

Michelle said that Clinton sees diversity not as a threat, as her opponent does, but rather as an opportunity.

The rallies of both the campaigns have ended as the voting begins November 8. The results will pour in from the East Coast states,as they are the first to finish the voting. By Wednesday morning, the world will know who will be the next president of America.

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