Hillary, Trump Double Down Efforts In North Carolina

Venkata Kondubhatla

Washington state D.C: Both the presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have been holding dueling rallies in North Carolina, just five days to go to the general elections.

In the aftermath of the renewal of the email investigation, Trump has significantly bounced back in the polls, changing the math of the election. With Republican states turning solid red, the swing states, such as Florida and North Carolina, became the focus points for both the campaigns.

Historically, Democrats have always won majority of the coastal states. They have been winning about 18 states along with Washington, D.C. for the last six successive presidential elections. Going by this, Democrats are as if beginning with 247 seats in these elections also, and 270 is the magic figure to win the election. A�

On the other hand, majority of the mid-west states along with Texas have been red states and polls arena��t suggesting otherwise about these states this season. This makes the race tight in the key battleground states.

As per the new polls, in other battleground states of New Hampshire and Georgia, Trump is exceeding Clinton by about one percentage point. Also, he is leading in Ohio, and in Utah he is leading Clinton by about six percentage points.

If Trump wins Arizona, then the whole election boils down to a primarily to two states: Trump will have to win both Florida and North Carolina, whereas Clinton has to win at least one state out of the two. And in both the states, ita��s all but a tie between the candidates.

So, both the states have become the battlegrounds for the candidates and Thursday both Hillary and Trump held rallies in North Carolina 30 miles away from each other.

Florida has 29A�and North Carolina has 15 electoral votes. Both the states are important for the nominees and any efforts with just five days to go would be worthwhile.

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