Hillary Fears Pak Nukes

  • In hacked video she says Jihadist may get nuclear weapons

Washington: Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton has expressed fears at a fundraising event in Virginia that Jihadists might get access to the nuclear weapons, according to the hacked audio appeared on the website of The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative publication.

“We are in fear that they are having a coup, that jihadists are going to take over the government and they are going to get access to the nuclear weapons, and you have suicide nuclear bombers, so this couldn’t be a more threatening scenario,” she said.

Both Russia and Pakistan are developing tactical weapons meaning both short and long term missiles, Hillary said.  Pakistan is running full-speed in developing tactical nukes and they are continuing hostility with India, she said.

“The last thing we need,” she said, “are sophisticated cruise missiles that are nuclear armed.” Hillary was responding to a question about equipping US arsenal with nuclear-armed cruise missiles.

These remarks were made prior to the surgical strikes that India conducted in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.  Who hacked the audio is not known, but the timing seems to be deemed appropriate with the strikes by the releasers. Whether the audio is part of the recently hacked Democratic National Convention files is also unknown, but seems to be not connected to DNC.

The west has always feared of terrorists getting access to the nuclear weapons. As the tensions between India and Pakistan escalate, the threat is likely viewed by the west in terms of possible specter of nuclear war between the countries. Pakistan is viewed as a major threat with the nuclear arsenal. President Obama has even described Pakistan as a “dysfunctional country”.

With the US not accepting Pakistan as its ally and India’s changing policy toward the country — being offensive, cancelling the peace negotiations and pulling out of the upcoming SAARC summit – Pakistan is more isolated than ever before.

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