Hike In Salary For Indian IT Workers On H1B Visas: US Lawmaker

It is a salary bump for IT workers on H1B Visas according to US Labour Secretary Alexander Acosta.

Washington: It’s good news for Indian IT workers who are on H1B Visas and they should thank US Labour Secretary Alexander as he has called for increase in minimum salary of foreign workers on H1B visas.

Now the current salary averages around 60,000USD and it may shoot up to 80,000USD of this proposed revision is implemented.

While speaking to the members of the Senate Appropriations Sub Committee on Labour Health and Human Services Alexander said that Congress has not updated that USD 60,000 threshold over time.

“If Congress were to update that simply for inflation, it would bring it up to well over USD 80,000 and many if not most of the situations like you have identified, would be eliminated because they would be below that USD 60,000 threshold”, Alexander further said.

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