Hijras blame govt. for murder

  • Demand probe into Pravalika murder
  • Trans-genders in subhuman conditions
  • Allege people are attacking them with stones

Hyderabad, January 19: The Telangana Transgender Hijra Samiti here on Monday condemned dastardly acts of Transphobic violence that led to the gruesome murder of Pravalika, a transgender in the wee hours of Saturday.

Talking to mediapersons here, Rachana, Vyjayanti, Chandramukhi, Sneha, Hasmi of Telangana Hijra Transgender Samiti members said transphobic violence has been on a steady rise in the recent past. a�?We, the transgender people and Hijras, who are largely shunned by the mainstream of the society have no source of employment and livelihood. We dona��t get jobs even if we try hard. This fact is abundantly acknowledged by the Supreme Court in its Nalsa versus UOI judgmenta�?, they added.

Therefore, the trans-genders and Hijras are forced to live on beggary and sex work. Despite the Supreme Court judgment on April 15 last year, their living conditions remain deplorable and sub-human. No concrete steps were taken to ameliorate their lives, they added. They further alleged that time and again the trans-genders have been violently attacked in both Cyberabad and Hyderabad and their complaints were being ignored by the police.

They further alleged that Hijra sex workers were being attacked with stones, thrashed on their heads with beer bottles, stabbed and slit with sharp knives on their limbs, faces and genitalia and have been robbed of their hard earned money. They pointed out that A�A�A� Pravalika was born in a remote village of Telangana in a very poor family and faced enormous amount of stigma throughout her lifetime. Though she was a graduate, she was constrained to eke out livelihood with begging and sex work. Her life would not have been cut short had the government and the police acted on complaints of Hijra and Transgender people on time. (NSS)

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