Highlights Of The First Presidential Debate

Venkata Kondubhatla

The first head-to-head presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has gone without any big mistakes or gaffes from either candidate.

Broadly, Trump attacked Clinton as an insider and as a person who is a typical politician with nice talk but no action in the last 30 years. On the other hand, Clinton tried to portray Trump as a racist, temperamental and a person who has low respect for women.

At the beginning of the debate, Trump seemed to have the control, but slowly Clinton took over and made Trump defensive.

Trump scored points on trade deals, jobs and tax reductions, while Clinton proved nuanced on the subjects of race, police and gun violence. She played woman card against Trump and made him defensive on his stance on Iraq and birthirism.

Here are the highlights of the debate for those who missed it with the topic of each segment and how each candidate answered and reacted to one another:

  • Creating jobs and trade deals was proved to be a great topic for Trump. While Clinton assured jobs by making smart trade agreements and reducing taxes for the middle class, Trump jumped on to the subject of jobs fleeing to China and Mexico.

 He argued that NAFTA was a disaster and criticized Bill Clinton for signing the treaty and put Clinton in a defensive position. He promised that he would create jobs by improving small businesses and reducing taxes for the wealthy, to which Clinton responded that she doesn’t believe in top down effect.

  • Clinton has put Trump in a tough position on birthirism. Donald has withdrawn from his allegations that president Obama was not a US citizen. He argued that Clinton campaign has started the birther issue but his attack didn’t go well for him. He took the bait from Clinton by unnecessarily going into the details.
  • On the subject of race and police violence, Clinton showed a deeper understanding and a nuanced picture. She said the relations between the community and the police should improve.

Trump held on to having strong “law and order” and “stop and frisk” methods. He reiterated New York’s example and said that the violence in the city has come down after the stop and frisk was implemented.

  • Securing America – Again Clinton put Trump in defensive on this one. She attacked Trump for inviting Putin to hack Democratic National Convention records. Trump recoiled “We don’t know who hacked the DNC systems.”

          Clinton reiterated intelligence surge as her solution.

  • Clinton was successful in diverting the nuclear deal issue to Iraq war and Trump had to explain his stance on the war. He said that he had never supported Iraq war, but the snippets of his interviewed where he supported the war was played umpteen times in the TV channels. He blamed the media for misrepresenting his message.

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