High Court to decide on TJAC rally on Tuesday

  • Proposed event stirs political controversy

Hyderabad:A�The Hyderabad High Court has postponed the verdict on the petition filed by Telangana JAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram seeking permission to organize Nirudyoga Rally on February 22 near Indira Park, to Tuesday.

During the hearing, on Monday, the petitioner argued that they approached the court as the police failed to respond to their plea for permission. The court questioned the police as to why they failed to respond to JACa��s plea though they had been asking for permission to organise a rally for the last 20 days.A�The court directed the police to tell their decision before 4 pm on Tuesday.A�

Meanwhile, the police approached the JAC leaders and suggested to them to change the venue and select an alternative venue for the rally. During the hearing, Kodandarama��s counsel argued that problems will arise in gathering the people in case if they changed the venue and informed the court that they were already making arrangements at Indira Park for the meeting. He urged the court to give permission to organise the rally at Indira Park on the proposed day.A�

The police counsel argued that traffic problems will arise in case they give permission to JAC to organise the rally at Indira Park as the venue is at the centre of the city. The employees of various offices and students will face problems if permission is given to the rally at Indira Park.

Reacting to it, the court asked the JAC counsel to tell if there was any problem if the rally was organised on Sunday at a different place instead of Wednesday at Indira Park. In response, the JAC counsel said he will tell their decision after thinking about it. Then the court postponed the hearing to Tuesday.

Jeevana��s poser to KCR

Meanwhile, speaking at the Assembly Media Hall,A� the Congress Legislature Party deputy leader T Jeevan Reddy said it was not proper for the State government to deny permission for the Nirudyoga Rally proposed to be held onA�February 22. He questioned the government whether the State was under monarchy or under democratic rule. Slamming the State government for denying permission to the Nirudyoga Rally, Jeevan Reddy asked whether the organizers should go to the court to get permission to organise the rally.A�

Jeevan Reddy reminded that previous Congress government functioned in a democratic manner even when separate Telangana movement was in peak stage by giving permissions to all rallies respecting democratic system. a�?KCR has to remember those days as to how the then Congress government behaved in a democratic mannera�?, he said.A�A�He also warned the State government to own the responsibility in case any untoward incident takes place if the government denies permission to the rally.

Samajika Telangana opposes A�rally

In a related development, Samajika Telangana JAC chairman Gali Vinod Kumar has condemned TJAC chairman Kodandarama��s proposed Jobless youth rally on Wednesday. He said Kodandaram never raised a�?social justicea�?A� in Telangana and never demanded increase in reservations for SC, ST, BC and Minorities as per their population. He also pointed out that Kodandaram never criticized Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for not appointing a Dalit as CM as promised.

Vinod Kumar said the Bahujans are totally against the February 22 rally because Kodandarama��s community people are backing the movement with an eye on 2019 elections and wanted to make their community leader as CM of Telangana.

He appealed to the unemployed people and Kodandarama��s supporters not to back the movement which was meant to help make their community leader as CM of Telangana. a�?We are planning to form Bahujana Rajyadhikara Party (BRP) on March 15 and balladeer Gaddar, Vimalakka, Cheruku Sudhakar and others will be participating in the event. Our partya��s main agenda is social justice in Telangana State, make BC community leader as CMa�?, he added.A�A�

Pallaa��s outburst

Meanwhile, TRS MLC Palla Rajeshwar Reddy has alleged that Kodandaram was trying to provoke the unemployed youth by touring the entire State for the last 15 days in the name of Nirudyoga Rally.A�He alleged that Kodandaram was making false statements and speaking differently everyday on creation of employment. He asked the unemployed youth not to fall in the trap of Kodandaram and claimed that the forces, which were against during Telangana movement were extending their support to the JACa��s proposed rally. a��NSS

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