Heat Wave Might Continue For 2 More Days

IMD cautioned that heat wave conditions will continue for two more days and asked people to take all precautionary measures.

Hyderabad: With temperatures soaring in both the Telugu States, citizens are suffering due to the heat. The scorching sun is not allowing them to step outside their homes. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are literally like a furnace.   Winds blowing from North- West India are adding to the heat. This is leading to blowing of intense hot winds in Coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana districts.

The Meteorological department issued warning that temperatures have increased from 4 to 7 degrees above normal. People are sweating due to the heat wave conditions. As hot winds are continuing to blow till ten in the night, people fear to venture outside.

On the other hand, as light to moderate rain or thundershowers could occur at isolated places over Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra.

The IMD warned that “For the next 48 hours, the temperature is expected to be 4 to 7 degree Celsius higher than the maximum temperature. Guntur, Eat Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna, Nellore and Prakasam districts are likely to witness temperatures 2 to 5 degree Celsius above the maximum temperature.”

“The main reason for the heat wave is the fact that it is peak summer and there is a sudden change in wind direction towards the north and north-western part of the country. Moisture content has come down, increasing the heat across the state,” the IMD explained.

It also said that temperature might keep fluctuating till mid-June. However, the heat wave warning is in place for two days. People are asked to take precautions.

The excess temperatures are leading to deaths. Already 15 deaths are reported from Prakasam district alone over the past three days.

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Heat Wave Conditions To Continue Till May 23; Death Toll Reaches 167 In Telangana Alone

Due to the heat wave conditions as many as 167 people have reportedly died of sunstroke in Telangana, and at least 87 died in AP since April 1.
heat wave

Hyderabad: There is no respite from the heat to the citizens of the state. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) extended heat wave warning for the State till May 23. The dry spell is likely to continue across the state.

Due to the heat wave conditions as many as 167 people have reportedly died of sunstroke in Telangana, and at least 87 died in AP since April 1.

“The 167 deaths (till date) should be confirmed by the committees as heat wave deaths. Then only it can be recognized as heat wave deaths and financial assistance will be sanctioned accordingly. All the deaths are currently under scrutiny. No death has been confirmed as a heat wave death as yet,” a senior official from state disaster management told PTI.

Though the temperatures in twin cities are not soaring like in Coastal Andhra Pradesh or Bhadradri in Kothagudem District, which recorded 47 degree Celsius, they were between 41 to 43 degrees Celsius on Friday at various places.

According to a leading daily, though the temperatures in the city have come down, the humidity levels have gone up in the last few days. The humidity levels went up to 40 percent this week from 14 percent earlier, the department has reported.

However, this was not the case in other parts of Telangana.

Many districts are reeling under heat wave conditions. Another daily reported that Mangapet in Bhupalpally District recorded 47.4 degree Celsius followed by Kamepalli in Khammam at 46.7.

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Heat Wave To Continue In The Telugu States

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a two-day heat wave warning for all districts of Telangana and Coastal Andhra Pradesh.

Hyderabad: After a few days of respite from the heat, the temperatures in the Telugu States are said to rise, warned the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), issuing a two-day heat wave warning for all districts of Telangana State and Coastal Andhra Pradesh.

The IMD also said that several parts of both the States are likely to experience temperatures over 42 degree Celsius on Tuesday and Wednesday, while the television channels are reporting that the temperature in Guntur and Vijayawada has reached 47 degrees.

The temperatures would be above normal by two to five degrees and is expected to stay above 42 degrees Celsius in many places the IMD stated. On Monday itself Telangana reportedly experienced high day temperature.

According to reports, Adilabad reported the highest temperature at 45.1 degree Celsius, followed by Nalgonda which recorded 44.6 degree Celsius. Hyderabad has recorded 39 degree Celsius.

Meanwhile, some places in Mahbubnagar, Rangareddy, Nizamabad and Medak, received rainfall. Last week, several parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh received heavy rain and hailstorm.

The good news for Telangana is, there is a possibility of light to moderate rain or thundershowers occuring at isolated places, though the temperatures are likely to remain high on Tuesday and Wednesday.

While 4,630 deaths caused by heatwave were reported last four years, nearly 4,246 people have died in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana alone during that period.

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Hot Winds Till May 15, Says IMD

The IMD says there will be hot winds till the middle of next month and the monsoon will arrive in the first week of June.

New Delhi: There will be normal rains this year, according to the Director General of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) KJ Ramesh. According to him there will be hot winds in the country till May 15. The monsoon will arrive in Kerala in the first week of June, Ramesh said here on Tuesday. The upper regions will receive copious rains so that there will be plenty of water in Krishna and Godavari rivers.

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Heatwave conditions to continue for 2 more days in AP

Hyderabad: Predicting a normal monsoon which will benefit agriculture, the Meteorological Department said that rains would be normal in both Telugu States

New Delhi:  The heat wave like conditions will continue for two more days in Andhra Pradesh, announced the Hyderabad Meteorological Department on Tuesday. The officials said Prakasam, Chittoor and Nellore districts will have to face these conditions for two more days.

Meanwhile, the Indian Meteorological Department announced that the country will get a normal monsoon this year which will benefit agriculture.

“As per the present estimates, the distribution of rainfall is likely to follow the climatological factors.. we assess normal rainfall at 96 percent (plus/minus 5 percent),” said IMD Director General K J Ramesh. He was speaking at the press conference on Tuesday. He said that the date of monsoon’s onset into Kerala will be announced in the second half of the month of May, he added.

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Heatwave conditions to continue for another two days

Hyderabad: Both Telugu States saw a steady rise in the temperatures due to the hot, dry winds blowing from Central India

Visakhapatnam: The temperatures are rising in both Telugu States to due to the hot, dry winds blowing from Central India. Due to this condition, the temperatures in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States have reached 43 degrees. The Indian Meteorological Department (MET) warned that these conditions would prevail more intensely in Madhya Pradesh, Marathwada, Telangana, some regions in Coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema. These hot and dry winds may continue for two to three days.  The Meteorological department revealed that the average temperatures in both the States rose by 3-5 degrees already.

ISRO too warned that the temperatures would rise from Monday. Doctors warned people to stay indoors and complete any work by ten in the morning. It is estimated that the temperatures might reach 45 degrees.

Highest temperatures of 43 degrees were recorded in Kadapa and Kurnool towns on Monday. In Anantapur district 42, Nandhyala, Tirupati 41 degrees, Jangamaheswaram 40 degrees, Nandigama 39, Visakhapatnam, Tuni, Kavali, Kakinada recorded 36, Machilipatnam, Ongole 35, Narsapur, Kalingapatnam recorded 34 degrees respectively.

In Telangana, Adilabad, Nizamabad, Ramagundam, Medak recorded 42 degrees. While Bradrachalam, Mahaboobnagar 41, Hanmakonda, Hyderabad, Khammam, Nalgonda 40, Hakimpet recorded 39 degrees. On Saturday itself five people died in Telangana due to sunstroke. The coal belt area is the most affected.

On the other hand, the temperatures at night are gradually raising as humidity in the air is decreasing. People are expressing concern about these conditions in the month of April. The schools have not declared holidays and children are forced to attend the classes. Their health has become a matter of concern to parents.

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Officials told to formulate heat wave action plan

Hyderabad: Stating that the day temperature would be soaring from 45 degrees to 47 degrees Celsius from April to June this summer resulting in hot spell in the state, chief secretary SP Singh on Thursday directed all the officials to formulate a “heat wave action plan” and alert the people from time to time about the scorching heat and its injurious consequences.

The CS on Thursday held a review meeting in the Secretariat on “heat wave action plan” with heads of all departments.

Addressing the officials, the CS directed the officials to formulate an action plan to save people from heat wave conditions in the summer keeping in view the past unpleasant experiences. He also asked *them to give proper training to the staff to tackle the situation effectively.

He also advised the top officials to forward circulars to all district collectors on the measures to be taken in the event of heat wave conditions. He also directed the revenue officials to hold a video conference with district collectors in this regard.

Stating that children, senior citizens, labourers, cattle and so on were vulnerable to heat wave conditions, the CS asked the district administrations to initiate adequate measures to protect the people and prevent fatalities.

He also asked the officials to bring out posters, handbills, advertisements and utilise FM Radio, TV, newspapers and so on to educate the people about Do’s and Don’ts during the hot spell. The CS asked the medical & health department officials, PHCs, UHCs and hospitals to keep adequate stock of ORS packets and medicines and give suggestions to the people to keep well.

The CS also asked the officials  to provide shade nets, drinking water, first-aid box, medical kits at the places where workers are deployed and see that work was suspended from 12 noon to 4 pm during the hot days. He advised the Panchayat Raj officials to make the labour work in the forenoon and evenings only.

SP Singh asked the labour department to see that private managements provide all facilities to their workers engaged in construction work. The CS also advised the TSRTC officials to make available ORS packets, drinking water for the commuters waiting in the bus stands. He also advised the depot managers to change the bus timings during heat wave conditions.

Reminding that 541 people perished in 2015 and 324 in 2016 due to heat stroke, the chief secretary advised the endowments department to provide nets and drinking water to the people visiting the temples during the summer.

He also asked the electricity department to ensure there were no power interruptions and stressed the need to open drinking water kiosks in partnership with voluntary organisations. The officials of the forest department were told to make water available to the wild animals in the forest areas.

Special principal secretary of revenue department BR Meena, animal husbandry department special principal secretary Suresh Chandra, municipal administration secretary Naveen Mittal, panchayat raj department commissioner Neetu Prasad, school education department director Kishan, commissioner of Board of Intermediate Education Ashok, commissioner of agriculture M Jaganmohan, special commissioner of disaster management department Sada Bhargavi and others were present. (NSS)

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