HC Shock For Diwakar Reddy

Diwakar Reddy who filed a petition on inclusion of his name in No-Fly-List over domestic airlines received a shock from Hyderabad High Court.

Hyderabad: MP Diwakar Reddy faced ire from High Court after he filed a petition questioning the No-Fly-List by domestic airlines. HC directly asked him, “Will you allow passengers if such incident happens in Diwakar Travelsa�? and counsel of MPs who filed petition had nothing to say after hearing this.

Counsel of MP requested the Court to give temporary relief for Diwakar Reddy as the Parliament sessions are going on. Court refused to do so and said it cant do without listening to the version of Airlines.

MP, who got option of voting in Amravati for Presidential elections, took a special charted flight for Delhi to participate in voting on Monday.

Earlier Diwakar Reddy was banned by domestic airlines after he made ruckus at Vizag airport for denying boarding pass for late reporting. He refused to say apology and was listed by domestic airlines in ‘No Fly List’ which got an extensive coverage in National media for MPa��s ridiculous behaviour. AP CM Naidu urged Diwakar to solve the issue as soon as possible as it defamed ruling party at national level.

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