HC bans cockfights in Andhra region

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad High Court has given a shock to cockfights enthusiasts in Andhra Pradesh. Taking up a petition for hearing on Monday on the need to ban cockfights in parts of Andhra Pradesh in which cocks are used in violent methods of fighting leading to killing of one bird, the court issued orders directing the AP Government to immediately ban the blood sport. The petitioner, People for Animals, pleaded before the court that cocks with knives tied to their talons are used in grueling duels for betting. As a result, one of the birds would die, which is a violation of animal rights, the petitioner argued.

Fully convinced with the petitioner’s argument, the High Court passed an order banning cockfights. Following this, the AP police conducted raids on suspected cockfight organizers in the AP Capital Region Area and seized 40 cocks from the operators and three persons were taken into custody in Mangalagiri.

Traditionally, cockfights are organized in the Andhra region, especially in the two Godavari districts, during Sankranthi festival and several crores of rupees change hands. Besides, a large number of people throng the coastal areas to witness the cockfights. The fiery cockfights are organized for three days during the Sankranthi festival. –NSS

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