Have a roof over your head? You are not eligible for welfare schemes

Vivek Debroy Committee recommended the government to exclude households enjoying luxuries like refrigerator, ac, washing machine, four and two wheelers in their lives.
Have a roof over your head? You are not eligible for welfare schemes

New Delhi: Are you living in urban and semi urban areas? Then six out of 10 households should be aware of this information. Particularly, if they want to know if they are eligible for the government welfare schemes, they should know this.

A government panel which has submitted its report recently recommended that a household which possesses four room house or four wheeler or air conditioner should be eliminated from the welfare scheme benefits. Not only that, households living in towns or in semi-urban areas and possess refrigerator, washing machine, two wheeler or any of them should be declared ineligible for the schemes.

The Vivek Debroy committee which undertook a socioeconomic survey put forward its recommendations before the government.

The Committee also recommended that parameters for residential, occupational and social deprivation into consideration automatically include them into the list of beneficiaries in urban areas.

The households who have polyethene wall or roof, no income or households without adult male or headed by a child must be included in the beneficiaries list.

The committee also suggested that the remaining population should calculate how they can come under such schemes.

While the Hasim Committee suggested that 41 per cent of the urban population should evaluate if they are eligible for the government schemes, Vivek Debroy committee says 59 per cent should do the same.

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