Hats Off To Jammikunta Villagers In Telangana, Do You Know Why?

Exactly At 7.45 am in the morning, villagers of Jammikunta stand up where they are with loud speakers blaring, Reason is….

Karimnagar: Jammikunta, a village in Karimnagar witnesses 16 loud speakers blaring at 7.45 am from August 15th of this year. Thousands of people, in fact total village drop their work what they are doing and stand up for few minutes. The test of [patriotism begins with people leaving their spoons who are having breakfast, getting down from the bikes in the middle of the road.

The main agenda is the patriotic song, National Anthem blares in loud speakers which was initiated by Inspector Prashanth Reddy to evoke Nationalism in people.

This started on August 15th, this year and completed 17 days successfully. Prashanth is receiving overwhelming responses and getting congratulatory messages across state.

Inspector believes this is the only way of implementing and promoting National spirit among citizens. Prashanth observed few National leaders embarrassed themselves on TV, who could not utter National anthem clearly. People are busy with their work and if this continues, they will forget mother land and nobody will know Jana Gana Mana, Prashanth further said

Inspector said that he is not forcing anybody for Nationalism instead it is their national duty and he is enabling them to become national duty wary citizens.

Prashanth is receiving appreciations from many states, we too join hands in appreciating him, what do you say?


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