Has Naidu Lost Grip Over His Party?

It is not only a clear case of indiscipline, but it also points out the fact that these leaders are no more afraid of the party supremo. It also raises another question; will they stay in the party? Or did they do it to get expelled from the party?

Amaravati: Is Chandrababu Naidu losing grip over his party and leaders? Is the party in chaos? While Opposition Party Leader Jagan Mohan Reddy is making whirlwind tours across the State and BJP is rethinking on continuing alliance with the TDP, what will be its future strategy? With Amit Shah’s tour to the State is nearing, the latest chaos in the party is surely going to damage its reputation. What is happening in the party and why is Naidu unable to control his MLAs? Is it a clear sign that the party has lost its credibility in the State?

The latest episode of West Godavari ruling party MLAs has become a sensation and a debatable issue in the State. It is not only a clear case of indiscipline, but it also points out to the fact that these leaders are no more afraid of the party supremo. It also raises another question: will they stay in the party? Or did they do it to get expelled from the party? Well, this might be a speculation, but it is true that anything and everything can happen in politics. When people who win from one party ticket cross the floor and become ministers without thinking of the party which made them legislators, what morality can we expect? Everything is fair in love and politics seems to be the new adage.

The protest of West Godavari MLAs became a hot topic of discussion in the State. It is known that a case was booked against Tanuku MLA Radha Krishna by the police. The charge against the MLA was that he not only locked up the SI and the Writer who are on duty but also behaved objectionably with them.

The MLAs who took it as a matter of prestige, decided to support Radha Krishna and declare war on the police.

The Telugu Desam MLAs threatened to surrender their gunmen as a protest. Twelve MLAs’ and 3 MLCs’ in the district sending back the gunmen sanctioned to them has become a big controversy. It is being said that the ruling party leaders surrendered their gunmen targeting the district SP.

Speaking at a meeting held by the district party president, many ruling party MLAs castigated police officers. The legislators did not give a damn about the suggestions made by Minister Pithani and took the decision on their own. Radha Krishna said that he did not commit any mistake and if the chief minister and Minister Lokesh think that he was wrong, he was prepared to resign from his post. These remarks of Radha Krishna led to a new debate.

Being ruling party leaders and taking unanimous decision against police official and embarrass the government is something that never happened earlier. Even the political analysts are surprised at this move. An interesting debate is going on in the State about the fate of TDP in the coming elections. If this is the way ruling party leaders behave, it is for sure that 2019 will be tough for TDP.

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Naidu, Learn From Modi About VVIP Culture

AP CM Naidu who always speaks about seniority in politics should learn how to treat public after reading this item

Kakinada: Yesterday in Kakinada, Ambulance was stopped for more than 20 minutes to let Naidu’s convoy pass. Naidu has a habitat of giving lectures on morality in politics and of leaders. Even just prior to the incident, he gave a speech on his commitment towards developing a capital city that’ll ensure wealth, health and happiness to it’s people. This was just practical if we observe the ironical incident of ambulance.

PM Modi, when he was coming from the African bank development event in Gandhinagar in the last week of May, he ordered his fleet of cars to stop and change the lane by seeing an ambulance behind him.

He broke the security protocol and put his security at stake by doing this. This remarkable gesture by Indian PM is an example for leaders like Naidu who suffers with inferiority complex as pointed out by congress leader Vundavalli Arun kumar.

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VVIP Culture: Ambulance Stopped for AP CM Naidu’s Convoy

In Kakinada Ambulance was stopped for more than 20 minutes to let Naidu’s convoy pass.

Kakinada: Just few hours after AP CM Naidu pledged that he will develop a capital city that will ensure health, wealth and happiness to the people, here is an ironical incident which angered people of whole state.

This incident with ambulance waiting with patient inside was shot in camera by a local boy Pawan Kumar who posted in social media.

Video clearly shows that ambulance was being stuck in traffic which was held up for CM’s convoy.

Even though Pawan requested police to make way for police, they refused. This video was attracting criticism all over India with many pointing out Naidu’s VVIP culture.

The above statement by Naidu on the eve of Navanirman Deeksha looks to be ironical, isn’t it?

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Naidu Takes Steps to Put TDP Party In Order

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu took exception to the recent episodes of indiscipline in the party. According to sources, he held a meeting with senior and crucial leaders in the party to plan a strategy to put the house in order. However, field level reality is turning out to be totally different.

Amaravati: The party leaders, washing their dirty linen in public and criticizing the alliance partners, have created an indiscipline problem in the party. Leaders’ misconduct has become a daily routine. At last, the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu seems to have decided to control the leaders.

The indiscipline in TDP has come to light with the Vijayawada MP Kesineni episode. But during the time, Naidu stepped in and made him apologize to the Transport Commissioner Balasubramaniam, but the apology ended up miffing Nani. The issue however, subsided later.

Of late, the West Godavari MLAs’ episode and the latest squabble between two groups in Prakasham District led to speculations that Naidu lost grip over his party.

While the MLAs’ belonging to West Godavari District en masse surrendered their gunmen protesting against the police officers who booked a case against Tanuku MLA Radha krishna, the warring factions in Prakasam District belonging to Karanam Balaram and Gottipati Ravi resorted to fisticuffs before ministers who were present there.

The media was quick to highlight the incident that took place during the election of district president of the party. The fight was about the double murders that took place in Vemavaram recently.  Both the factions have leveled allegations and literally got into a fight before the ministers.

As it is, disputes between these factions have become a headache to Naidu.

Naidu met with senior leaders at his residence and said to have discussed the comments of MP Kesineni Nani, and MLC Rajendra Prasad. He also warned the leaders that he would not tolerate if such issues were repeated.

The TDP chief also warned not to criticize or comment BJP leaders who are the TDP’s alliance partners. Sources in the party said that he seriously warned that a stringent punishment would be given to those who violated his orders.

But, the leaders are not in a mood to relent. The latest episode in Prakasham District is the latest example. It has to be seen how Naidu will control these leaders.

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Leading Up The Garden Path, Naidu’s Style

After bifurcation, as the chief minister of Navyandhra, Naidu in 2014 November went to Singapore. According to the statement, he made as part of his tour, the master plan of capital city should be prepared by Singapore government free of cost. But what happened?

Adusumilli Jayaprakash

We are the model for development to the country. After a while, we will become an ideal to the world itself. Amaravati will resemble Singapore. If not Singapore, it will look like Istambul. Otherwise, it will glitter like Shanghai. The State will have bullet trains, cable cars, and airports in every district, and then, what will we lack! Alluring statements indeed! The very words dazzle us, fill our stomachs. We will be travelling in the dream world. Whenever Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu goes on a foreign visit, or when a foreign delegation comes to the State, he will take us on a colourful journey. When we wake up from the glittering dream, we are back in the black and white world. But the question is, how long can we while away time dreaming?

Earlier, when he was the Chief Minister of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu publicised that he was the first CEO of the State. Whenever he went on a foreign tour, he claimed that he brought thousands and lakhs of crores of investments to the State. That story ended. The united Andhra Pradesh of 23 districts has been reduced to 13 districts now. However, his statements did not change. They cross all the limits of rationality. Despite the State getting shrunk, his statements are crossing all the permissible limits.

Let us not discuss why and how the State was bifurcated. But three years passed after that. What matters is to what extent we achieved development. That is a big question bothering everyone. The statistics in the statements are different from statistics that reflect reality. Though the rulers know the fact, for the sake of government’s survival they deceive people with colourful lies.

Whenever on a foreign tour, it has become a habit to the Chief Minister to hold discussions with local, NRI industrialists and CEOs of multinational companies and give statements that all those companies are going to invest in the State. Sure, it is necessary to go to foreign countries, it is essential to attract industrialists and multinational companies. Nobody would deny it; development should take place in every possible way. So, all the ways and means should be explored in the process. For that, one can go to foreign countries scores of times. However, it is important to ponder whether they achieved intended results for which they have spent public funds. If these foreign tours become pleasure trips for the delegation that accompanies the Chief Minister, is it not a loss to the State?

With the recent America tour, Chandrababu Naidu as Chief Minister made twelve foreign trips in the last three years.  Huge delegation with important people are also touring those countries spending public money. Everyone knows who is in the delegation every time the Chief Minister embarked on a foreign journey.  What did those people achieve? How many multinational companies opened their branches in the districts? How many youths of our State are given employment in those companies? At what percent did the production grow? What is the rate of development? How much did it increase? How far was poverty alleviated?  If all the  chief minister’s foreign tours were a success, he has to answer all these questions.

12 visits in 3 years

While he toured Switzerland and Davos thrice in three years, he visited ten countries once. He went to America for the first time after he became chief minister. Only Naidu got the credit for going on 12 foreign tours in just three years. No other chief minister in the country could break this record. After Prime Minister Modi, it is only Naidu that holds such record. However, the ambit of prime minister is different and the issues that he has to deal with are more than a chief minister has to do. The chief minister is limited to the State. But, it is a wonder that Naidu is embarking on foreign tours like a prime minister.

The cost of every tour is in crores. It has become a routine to give an impression that the more luxurious the trip is, the more developed the State becomes. Other chief ministers use regular aero planes whenever they go to Delhi or to a foreign country. But, Naidu and his delegation go on special flights. If Naidu as chief minister can utilise the flights generally used by President, Vice President and prime minister- it gives an impression that the State he is representing is developed.

Spending people’s money for the sake of tours; instead of on developmental programmes, only points out to his extravagance.

For example, Naidu went to Davos International Economic Forum meet in early January this year. This is the third time that he attended the meeting as a CM. Earlier he attended it as Leader of Opposition. However, there were allegations that though he did not receive any official invitation for the January meeting, he attended it spending public money, and had shown his private tour as official.

After bifurcation, as the chief minister of Navyandhra, Naidu in 2014 November went to Singapore. According to the statement, he made as part of his tour, the master plan of capital city should be prepared by Singapore government free of cost. But what happened? The Singapore government entrusted the job to a company called Surbana, the State government had to pay Rs15 crore to the company for preparing the plan. That costly is the discrepancy between the statement he made and ground reality.

Later, Naidu’s delegation toured Japan. In that context, there was news in the media that the State government had signed six crucial agreements with private companies there. But, of them how many are honoured, no one knows.

After these two, Naidu’s team went to London in March, 2015. He announced that 22 companies came forward for constructing smart cities in the State. And also to attract investments from London, he announced establishing Amaravati office there. However, which company came forward for construction of smart cities and which of the commitments materialised is a big secret.

After London trip, Naidu and his delegation toured Singapore in September, 2015. The tour was meant to give the lands acquired from the farmers for construction of new capital to Singapore companies in accordance with Swiss Challenge method. Everyone knows how controversial the Swiss challenge method has become.

Foreign Jaunts

Later in January 2016, he went to Davos, after that in June to China and in July to Russia. There was news that agreements were made to the tune of 53 thousand crores when Naidu was on China tour. But, there was no news about how many of them got materialised. During his Russia tour, in Kazakhstan, he signed two agreements. But sources say that no one knows what happened later.

The official estimate is that around Rs 150 crore was spent on his foreign tours. But, one does not know if he brought at least equal amount of investments to the State.

All his foreign tours are to deceive people. Even the official sources are murmuring that not even ten percent of one lakh crore investments announced reached the State. Though he announced that China and Japan companies have expressed their interest in establishing five thousand MW Solar Power Station, not even foundation stone ceremony took place. Although he invited Chinese, they seem to have not heeded to his proposal. He also talked about constructing of Beijing type railway stations and Shanghai model shopping malls in AP.  He said many more things. Whichever country he visited, he stated that he will change AP like that country. He assured that all the investments from that country will flow into AP. When on Japan tour, he told people that big companies like Fuji electric, Zaika, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo are coming to AP and that we will achieve the top position not only in the country but also in the world. But what is the fact? Did any of the companies come to AP? Are they thinking of coming at all? The chief minister has to answer.

Not only did he go on twelve foreign tours in three years, he also organised Partnership Summits at Vizag in 2016, 2017. He spent crores for organising them. But, the statistics reveal that they did not yield desired results. In the first Partnership Summit held in 2016 January, it was a fact that 361 agreements were made, but, four lakh crore investments did not come as claimed by the government. He also said that 10 lakh jobs will be created because of that. But, nothing happened. In the second Partnership Summit, he said that 665 agreements were signed and 22 lakh jobs will be created. How can anyone trust his words when nothing happened after the first summit?

Not only Naidu’s delegation, a number of official delegations on the pretext of changing or finalising Amaravati designs are touring foreign countries. This has become a routine in these three years. While the State is suffering, the foreign jaunts by official delegations that are favoured by CM are becoming controversial. With the encouragement of the Chief Minister, the estimate is that the favoured senior officers visited 30 countries.

One can come up with as many plans as one needs to develop the State, by utilising the available resources efficiently is important. But, touring foreign countries for the sake of investments that are not assured is becoming controversial.

There was news that the chief minister’s delegation made agreements with many companies during their America visit. There was also news that Naidu extended an invitation to Franklin Templeton to expand Fin Tech, Data centres and processing sectors.  There was also news about discussions that Naidu held with Cisco and other software technology companies. However, doubt lingers about how far the agreements will materialise. Meanwhile, the public money will be spent uninterruptedly.

Hence, Naidu’s government must release a white paper before the end of each financial year about the foreign tours they undertook in a year and the benefits that accrued to the State. This must become a tradition.

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Naidu Meets Dean Of Stanford University

Chandrababu Naidu said he is a member of Stanford family by association and requested the university to be a knowledge partner of AP.
Naidu with Lloyd B Minor

California: Dr. Lloyd in his opening remarks said that they are specialists in precision care and that they want to completely change the very nature of health care to one of personalized care focused on keeping people healthy.

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu mentioned that he always admired Stanford for its academic excellence which prompted him to encourage his son to pursue his higher studies here. “Infact my daughter in law is also from here and I claim that I am a member of the Stanford family by association,” said the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister stated that he always believes that only education will change the future of the society.  He mentioned that a number of innovative things are being implemented in Andhra Pradesh and that under his leadership the government was using technology in administration and governance. “Andhra Pradesh will be a knowledge State and we are determined to achieve this,” the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister said that for Andhra Pradesh to grow at 15% every year, we would like to have Stanford as our knowledge partners. Later Mr. Ajay Jain made a presentation on Andhra Pradesh.

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Naidu Directs CS To Provide Quality Power To Industries

Chief Secretary Dinesh Kumar was advised to prepare a time-bound action plan and study the global power supply pattern of supplying power without interruption like in advanced nations like Canada, America, Japan, Germany, Singapore and China and extend the same in the state.

Amaravati: Emphasising the need to provide quality and reliable power supply to industries at global standards, Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday directed Chief Secretary Dinesh Kumar to prepare a time-bound action plan and study the global power supply pattern of supplying power without interruption like in advanced nations like Canada, America, Japan, Germany, Singapore and China and extend the same in the state. Alternate feeder supply mechanism to every industry should be included in the proposed plan.

During a brief teleconference on “Impact of 24X7 power supply in industrial growth including in Amaravati”, the CM asked the officials to maintain the tempo of industrial promotion for achieving rapid employment generation and socio-economic development. The entire administrative machinery should gear up to continue sustained efforts to provide world class infrastructure facilities to industries, he added.

“We must not leave any stone unturned to realise MoUs entered during CII partnership summits. Chalk out perfect plan to lay strong base for creating industrial hubs for next 33 years. My ultimate vision and goal is to make AP as the best leading global investment destination by 2050,” he added.

Several national and multi-national companies are competing to invest in AP and particularly in the state capital city Amaravati, which itself has set a new world record by attracting over Rs 1,37,832 crore investments till date exclusively for capital city in initial stage itself,” the CM said and asked the CS to work out special strategy to promote small scale industries even at mandal level to create rural employment.

The CS proposed a five-pronged strategy for realisation of the action-oriented vision of the CM to make Sunrise Andhra Pradesh as happy, inclusive and globally competitive society.

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Fall Of Constitutional Values In Telugu States, Statute Violated At Will

Hyderabad: Governor ESL Narasimhan has committed a mistake by giving oath to the four MLAs who are on the rolls of YSRCPLP. Narasimhan has the distinction of being a Govrrnor for almost ten years. There was no need for him to yield to pressure.

The first time Governor Narasimhan violated the spirit of the Constitutional Amendment Act making defections unconstitutional was when he gave oath to Talasani Srinivasa Yadav. Yadav remains a member of TDLP even today. He had submitted a resignation letter to Speaker of Telangana State Assembly Madhusudana Chary who has been sitting on it shamelessly for months. Governor Narasimhan and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao )KCR) have taken shelter under a technical point which cannot stand moral scrutiny. They were not faithful to the people or the constitution. The Givernor obviously could not say no to a CM who routinely genuflects touching his feet. In a democracy, respect has to be shown to the constitution and democratic institutions more than individuals. Chief Ministers are mere politicians. They have no scruples. There was no need for Telangana Chief Minister who has good majority in the Assembly to encourage a TDP MLA to defect and reward him with a Cabinet berth. KCR had given more importance to slight the opposition than respecting the 10th Schedule of the constitution. He opted to hoodwink the people. He thought he was very smart congratulating himself for the clever way in which he made the Governor to act according to his (KCR’s) whim.

Ditto is the case with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. He has been copying his Telangana counterpart without a trace of originality. He made his son Lokesh a minister just as KCR took his son KTR into his Cabinet. Naidu gave same portfolios-IT and Panchayatiraj- to Lokesh as KCR entrusted to KTR at the outset. Later Panchayatiraj was given to Jupalli Krishna Rao and Industries portfolio was given to KTR. Naidu may do the same after some months. Even in the violation of the constitution, Naidu acted as a copycat. He followed the same method as KCR. He was rather more careless than KCR. Naidu did not think of a figleaf of pretension of resignations by the four YSRCP MLAs whom he took into his Cabinet. The Governor had given in meekly forgetting that he is supposed to protect the constitution. He could have said an emphatic ‘No’ to KCR then and Naidu now. But he chose to oblige them.

Naidu has proved once again that he can run with the hair and hunt with the hound with impunity. He lambasted KCR and even Governor for taking Talasari Srinivasa Yadav into Telangana Cabinet. He addressed meetings during the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections mounting an attack on Srinivasa Yadav and KCR. He called floor crossing prostitution. He accused the Governor indirectly and Telangana CM directly of destroying the constitutional values. Naidu was able to persuade the very same Governor to perpetuate the very same constitutional impropriety by inducting four Opposition MLAs into the Cabinet. What a fall!

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Another Feather In Naidu’s Cap

Amaravati: N Chandrababu Naidu was awarded “US IBC Transformative Chief Minister”. He will be receiving the prestigious award on 8 May 2017 in California. The most efficient Chief Minister in the country, as his supporters would like to describe him, Naidu will deliver a small keynote address on that day with more than 150 representatives from various fields attending the summit.

It is the second Annual West Coast summit which will be graced by IT, industrialist heads as per Johan Council Chairman.

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Archakas In AP Are Waiting For Naidu To Act, Pay Wages

Hyderabad: The opinion that is sought to be publicised through motivated items in newspapers saying that the GO issued by Andhra Pradesh government recently would revive the abolished Mirasi system at Tirumala is absolutely wrong.

Informed sources say the GO Ms No. 76 issued on 17 February 2017 is in complete conformity with the wishes of former chief ministers NT Rama Rao and YS Rajasekhar Reddy. Both the popular leaders are closely related to the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and YSRCP respectively.

Some people are giving wrong advice to Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu to harm the interests of the poor archakas. Naidu has been sitting on the file diluting the good work done by NTR and YSR.
In 1987, NTR has appointed Justice Challa Kondaiah commission which recommended amendment to the Endowments Act. Big and small temples were clubbed. Heriditary system was abolished and pay scales were recommended for archakas. On 14 August 1995, a few days before he was overthrown by N Chandrababu Naidu, NTR acknowledged that a mistake was committed in enacting the AP Endowments Act 30/87 with regards to the small temple archakas because he was mislead by Justice Challa Kondaiah and he was not appraised of the impact this legislation will have on small temples, informs Professor MV Soundararajan, who had discussed the matter with late NTR.

The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Act. But it realised through its committee reports that the ground situation was different. The SC in its judgment of 1997 opined that the Act is not implementable as far as small temples are concerned. The SC suggested that the Act could be amended. Chandrababu Naidu also took the initiative to amend the Act. It was bogged down for one reason or the other.

It was YS Rajasekhara Reddy who got the Act suitably amended. He used the route of consensus among all the political parties and the report of the Select Committee to bring about amendment Act 33 of 2007. According to the amended Act, a scheme was formulated for TTD archakas and it was filed in the SC. Thus the SC disposed off the review petition filed by TTD archakas. The amended Act was seldom implemented due to indifference of the politicians and bureaucrats.

After Naidu came to power in 2014, attempts were made to implement the amended Act. Preliminary notice was issued a month ago. It is alleged that Balasubrahmanyam, who was Deputy Executive Officer at TTD, has been misguiding the chief minister by saying that the Mirasi system would be revived if the GO Ms No 76 is implemented. The Mirasi system and the hereditary question were settled some years ago. Four families claiming hereditary rights were convinced by the then EO who made them withdraw their petition in the SC.

In the absence of any help, hundreds of small temples were closed. Leaders of Hindu religion have been expressing concern at the spread of other religions because of the closure of small temples. It is not only Brahmins that will be benefited if archakas are paid wages. There are a number of non-Brahmins who are working as archakas. If Naidu drags his feet and delays the implementation of the GO Ms No 76, the whole of archaka community will turn against him.

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Pattiseema Project Enters Limca Book Of Records

Amaravati: Pattiseema lift irrigation scheme is registered in Limca Book of records for integrating Krishna and Godavari rivers in a short span of time, less than a year. This was inaugurated by CM Chandrababu Naidu in March 2016.

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu tweeted about it by saying that he is proud to see Pattiseema Lift irrigation project make it to the Limca Book of records.

This project was started on 30th Match 2015 and completed on 29th March 2018 as per Limca book of records. AP also became the first state to interlink Godavari and Krishna waters.

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Go To Pawan If You Have A Problem

Amaravati: If you want to solve any issue or matter do not go to the opposition party, just move towards Janasena, this is what AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is hinting to the people of his state.

Series of episodes from Uddanam Kidney patients to villager’s agitation against Mega aqua food industry were silently solved without disturbing the relations between TDP and Pawan.

Now a three year long pending problem at Vikrama Simhapuri University was solved as students put forward their demand in front of Pawan just few weeks back. New building has come up, classes already started in new building, and Registrar has shifted from Vikramapuri to Chandigarh. All happened within days after students brought their woes to the notice of the Power Star.

A Committee was formed to look into corruption charges, which is another demand by University students. After observing all these, two things have become very clear. If you have any pending problems in any department, don’t go to leader of the opposition Y.S.Jagan or any other party, just hand over your demand to Pawan Kalyan, rest will be looked after by the ruling party. Is it clear?

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Dinesh Kumar likely to be AP Chief Secretary

  • Tucker to retire tomorrow

Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is working on naming rural development principle secretary Dinesh Kumar as the new Chief Secretary of the State. The Chief Minister is likely to clear the name by February 28 as incumbent Chief Secretary S P Tucker is scheduled to retire on the day.

Though the Chief Minister wanted to appoint senior IAS officer and finance principle secretary Ajay Kallam, he dropped the proposal as Kallam is scheduled to retire on March 31 with just a month to be in office. He had reportedly consulted the Central government to get extension for Kallam. The Union Ministry of Personnel and Public Grievances, which looks into the affairs of the all India service officers had reportedly turned down the request. However, the Chief Minister is said to be lobbying with the Prime Minister’s Office to get extension for Ajay Kallam.

The sources said that the Chief Minister is also thinking on naming Dinesh Kumar as the next Chief Secretary. It is said that the announcement about the new Chief Secretary is likely to be made anytime on Tuesday.

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AP CM heads panel to study note ban effect

  • Centre sets up body with 5 Chief Ministers

Hyderabad: The Central Government has nominated Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu to head a sub-committee of Chief Ministers of five States set up to study the situation arising out of the demonetization of big notes.

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley telephoned to Chandrababu Naidu in this regard and informed him about his nomination to head the sub-committee, which would study various aspects after demonetization and how it has affected different sections of the people. The sub-committee, after an in depth study of the situation and also after holding parleys with the banking institutions, is expected to submit its report to the Centre for taking required steps.

Chandrababu Naidu, without any delay, has already conducted a meeting with the officials of the banks in Andhra Pradesh and wanted to know the root cause for the banking institutions failing to mitigate the hardships of the people for want of money for their daily needs.

It is learnt that Chandrababu Naidu was irked at the lackadaisical attitude of the bankers in taking corrective measures for want of enough cash supply from the RBI. He was aghast that while the deposits with the banks were in astronomical figures, the disbursements were abysmally low


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TDP was born for uplift of Telugu people: Naidu

Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP national president N Chandrababu Naidu today said the inception of the party itself was meant for welfare of Telugu people and the TDP is committed for the welfare of its workers.

Speaking at the TDP Telangana party general body meeting here today, Chandrababu Naidu said it was the TDP that created awareness in all sections of people and stressed the need to set up village-level committees for strengthening the party. Recalling the performance of TDP government during united Andhra Pradesh, Naidu said the party was in national politics and played an important role working from NTR Bhavan here.

The TDP supremo appreciated the performance of TNSF, which was fighting for fee-reimbursement of the students. A good leadership and constructive role would only pave the way for good results in elections, he opined. He also asserted that he would work more for the party in Telangana and would help party workers for striving to strengthen the party.

Speaking on the occasion, Telangana State TDP president L Ramana, who presided over the meeting, said the party was going strong in the State due to the relentless work of party supremo for welfare of the poor and weaker sections. The TDP has been playing a pivotal role in the reconstruction of the Telangana State.

Senior party leader E Peddi Reddy stressed the need for a strong leadership. “Let all party leaders and workers relentlessly strive to strengthen the party from the village level”. He also exhorted the party leaders to strive more for membership drive.

Before the commencement of the general body meeting, Chandrababu Naidu lighted a lamp and garlanded the statue of party founder late N T Rama Rao and paid rich tributes. Senior party leaders Nama Nageshwara Rao and Ravula Chandrasekhara Reddy were present.


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CM orders to build 1.2 lakh houses in AP

Hyderabad: AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu directed officials to start constructing 1.20 lakh houses in all the municipalities by the end of December.

At a review meeting held on Municipal Administration and Urban Development, the Chief Minister instructed the officials to take up construction activities in Kakinada, Nellore, Tadipathri and Chilakaluripeta municipalities soon. Four models of houses to be constructed under urban housing scheme were shown to the Chief Minister.

Naidu also asked the municipal department and Roads & Building department to coordinate in taking up repairs and laying of new roads in 110 municipalities. He called for a monthly report on the status of repairs, beautification of roads in the municipalities.



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Chandrababu Take A U-Turn

Vijayawada: Taking a reverse stand on demonetization of big notes of late, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu today expressed serious concern and displeasure at the unending problems faced by the common people due to scrapping of high value notes.

The TDP supremo, whose party is an ally of the BJP-led NDA Government at the Centre, had recommended to the Centre to scrap the high value notes for curbing black money and tax evasion. But now, Chandrababu made a direct attack on the Centre for the unrest among people at the banks and ATMs to draw their money. “It is very bad situation that since 12 days the problem of demonetization was not resolved yet by the Centre. I did not see such an unabated situation for 12 days in my political life”, Chandrababu deplored. He advocated an emergency review meeting with RBI, Collectors, SLBC, officials and police to discuss the post-demonetization implications. He also suggested opening of call centers at the banks and said that the State got Rs 1200 cr from the Centre, including Rs 400 crore notes of Rs 1000 denomination.

Stating that Government transactions will not use the money, he asked the Centre to encourage people to use Jan Dhan accounts and Rupay Cards. He also warned that notices will be served against the banks for failing to comply with his instructions. The police should take care of law and order situation and ensure that peace is prevailed in the State. Stating that coordination and efficient steps are need of the hour, Chandrababu has sought the crisis should not target the common man, business, rich and others.


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Security to AP CM further strengthened

Vijayawada: Security has been beefed up at the residence of A P Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in Undavalli.

AP DGP Sambasiva Rao along with Intelligence chief reviewed the security arrangements. Additional 25 security personnel have been deployed at the CM’s residence.

Later speaking to the media, the DGP said it was the habit of Maoists to indulge in mudslinging at the police. This was proved in the case of Maoist top leader Akiraju Haragopal alias Ramakrishna known as ‘RK’, as Maoist sympathizers and RK’s wife had leveled allegation that RK is in police custody.

He said if injured Maoists surrendered, the government would provide treatment to them. The DGP also clarified that combing operation was stopped in the Andhra-Orissa Border region one week ago.


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సీఎంలకు శాతకర్ణి ప్రత్యేక షో

గౌతమి పుత్ర శాతకర్ణి సినిమా షూటింగ్ శరవేగంగా జరగుతోంది. ఈ సినిమా కోసం బాలకృష్ణ అహర్నిశలు కష్టపడుతున్నాడు. చిత్రం గ్రాండ్ గా వుండటంకోసం తన రెమ్యూనరేషన్ తగ్గించుకుని మరీ వేరే వాటికి ఖర్చుపెట్టిస్తున్నాడు బాలకృష్ణ. ఈ సినిమాను క్రిష్ తో పాటు బాలకృష్ణ కూడా చాలా ప్రిస్టేజియస్ గా తీసుకున్నాడు. అంతే కాదు ఈ సినిమాను అందరికంటే ముందు ఇద్దరు అతిరథులకు బాలకృష్ణ దగ్గరుండి చూపించాడలనుకుంటున్నాడట.

బాలకృష్ణ, డైరెక్టర్ క్రిష్ ప్రతిష్ఠాత్మకంగా రూపొందిస్తున్న చిత్రం గౌతమి పుత్ర శాతకర్ణి. ఈ సినిమాపై ఇప్పటికే భారీ స్థాయిలో అంచనాలు ఏర్పడ్డాయి. తెలుగు ప్రజలను పాలించిన గౌతమి పుత్ర శాతకర్ణి ఎన్నో సంస్కరణలు తీసుకువచ్చాడు. తెలుగు ప్రజల చేత జేజేలు కొట్టించుకున్న ఈ రాజు జీవితాన్ని ఆధారంగా చేసుకుని తీస్తున్న సినిమా అవడంతో అందరిలో ఆసక్తి నెలకొంది.

బాల‌కృష్ణ ప్రతిష్టాత్మకంగా భావిస్తున్న తన 100వ సినిమా గౌత‌మి పుత్ర శాత‌క‌ర్ణిని రిలీజ్ కు ముందుగానే ఇద్దరు సిఎం లకు చూపించబోతున్నారు. సంక్రాంతి బ‌రిలో నిలిచేందుకు రెడీ అవుతున్న ఈ సినిమాను ఎపి సిఎం చంద్రబాబు, తెలంగాణ ముఖ్యమంత్రి కెసిఆర్ కు చూపించడానికి 2017 జ‌న‌వ‌రి 3వ తేదీన ప్రత్యేక షో వేస్తున్నారు. బాలకృష్ణే స్వయంగా ఈ ఏర్పాట్లను చూసుకోబోతున్నాడు.

గౌతమి పుత్ర శాతకర్ణి సినిమా ఓపెనింగ్ కి తెలంగాణా ముఖ్యమంత్రి కేసీఆర్ ముఖ్య అతిధిగా హాజరయ్యాడు. ఆ సందర్భంలో సినిమా పూర్తయ్యాక తనకు చూపించాలని మరీ కోరాడు కేసీఆర్. ఆ వేదికపై వున్న ముఖ్య అతిథులందరం కలిసి సినిమా చూస్తామని బాలకృష్ణతో చెప్పారు కేసీఆర్. కేసీఆర్ కోరిక మేరకు బాలకృష్ణ కూడా ఇద్దరు సీఎం లకూ ఆ సినిమా చూపించబోతున్నాడు. అయితే,  ఆడియో వేడుక విశాఖ‌ప‌ట్నం, విజ‌య‌వాడ‌, తిరుప‌తిలో ఎక్కడ నిర్వహించాలనే దానిపై క్లారిటీ రావాల్సి ఉంది.

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AP ranks No 1 in energy conservation

New Delhi /Hyderabad: The World Bank has ranked Andhra Pradesh No 1 in the area of “Energy Efficiency Implementation Readiness.” The global recognition is seen as a boon to the state to fast-track the energy efficiency programmes.

The World Bank felt that the political will, visionary leadership and result-oriented approach of the state administration headed by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu helped AP in achieving the first rank.

With an overall score of 42.01 followed by Rajasthan (41.89), Karnataka (39.34), Maharashtra (39.29), the World Bank was impressed with the effective implementation of energy efficiency and energy conservation activities in AP. By adopting emerging LED technology in domestic and urban street lighting, Andhra Pradesh was assessed to have achieved about 1500 MU of annual energy savings within a span of two years.

The AP Chief Minister has become a champion in energy efficiency, which will go a long way in protecting the interest of future generations and the way shown by the AP  was worth following by other states, said Subash Chandra Garg, Executive Director, World Bank,  while releasing the report during  the ongoing  international conference on energy efficiency in New Delhi. The two-day meet, opened on Friday, was    organized by  the World Bank and Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)-India


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SC, ST body chief: Legal blow to Chandrababu

  • HC sets aside Shivaji’s appointment

Hyderabad: In a major setback to AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, the High Court of Hyderabad on Friday disqualified the appointment of Karem Shivaji, Mala Mahandu chief, as Chairman of the State’s SC, ST Corporation.

Delivering its ruling in the petition filed against the appointment by one Prasad, the court found that the appointment made by the AP Government was illegal and unconstitutional. The court upheld the plea of the petitioner as to how a person who is chairman of an organization representing a particular sect can do justice to all the SCs and STs. Even his qualification to head the corporation was also in question. 

While setting aside the appointment of Shivaji, the court directed the AP Government to issue fresh notification calling for suitable candidates to head the corporation.


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