Harish Rao for smooth running of House

HYDERABAD: Telangana Assembly is all set to conduct the House rather in a smoother way without ruckus and storming of the well by the leaders from the Opposition in the days to come.

According to informed sources, the members, who try to storm the well or stall the proceedings will be thrown out of the House. Thus, it is clear that the Congress leaders, who are now giving tough time to the ruling party will not get any chance now to create uproarious scenes or storm the House. Speaker S Madhusudhana Chary is likely to take a spontaneous decision to suspend indisciplined leaders from the House for rest of the days or for a single day if they mar the proceedings.

Legislature Affairs Minister T Harish Rao has clarified that the treasury benches will not hesitate to throw the opposition members out if they try to stall the proceedings. “We are not ready to waste our time as the House ought to pass the bills and the budget”, he said. “We will run the House as per schedule and a new tradition will begin”, he said. His remarks came at a time when the TD members are jinxed with ouster from the House.

This time around, the treasury benches will not allow the Opposition members to storm the Speaker’s podium, or go in to the well of the House as it was adding to chaos and marring the procedures besides sending wrong signals to people of new Telangana State. When asked, Harish Rao said during statehood movement, the TRS had protested and now as part of rebuilding a golden Telangana, “we want to conduct the House in a smoother manner”, he quipped.

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