Harish hits out at Naidu on Krishna row

  • Accuses AP of more water than allocated
  • Move to increase in Polavaram height unfair
  • Eyeing Bhadrachalam Temple unacceptable
  • TS to move court, Centre

Hyderabad, January 4: Launching a blistering attack on the Chandrababu Naidu Government for hatching a conspiracy to loot Krishna waters and increase the height of Polavaram project, Telangana Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao on Sunday said Telangana Government will move Court and seek Centrea��s intervention.

Harish Rao criticized AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu for trying to dictate terms to Telangana Government with regard to Krishna waters and Polavaram project height which should not be increased above 150 ft, he said. a�?We are not ready to lose our share of waters and will fight at any level against project heighta�?, he told a media conference at Secretariat here along with Irrigation Advisor Vidyasagar Rao.

Harish Rao alleged that the AP Government was continuing to violate Bachawat Tribunal Award and drew more Krishna Waters than allocated. Stoutly opposing the AP Governmenta��s letter to Krishna Water Board for more water, he said they will soon meet Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharathi for justice. He took exception that though on humanitarian grounds the Telangana Government offered to release about 26 TMC water to help Kharif in AP, the government was denying to adjust the same during next Kharif, he said. a�?The AP Government is causing problems for Telangana farmers by drawing more irrigation waters than they are supposed to drawa�?, he charged.

He also alleged that the AP, which has taken away six mandals and lower Sileru in Khammam and denied our share of power from the project, is now eyeing Bhadrachalam land and temple. a�?At the cost of our farmers, we are not ready to help the AP in this regard. The AP Government which drew 155 tmc as against 152 tmc allocated, now seeks 26 tmc afresh for its Rabi season. Besides, the TS used so far 117 tmc against 229 tmc allocated, while AP used 329 tmc against 321 tmc allocated. Bachawath board is Bhagawadgita for us, which asked both the governments to discuss and return to it only after finding an amicable solution. However, the AP government was deliberately postponing a meeting, he said.

Of the total of 481tmc, the board allocated 200 tmc to Telangana and 281 tmc to AP. Telangana State got 481 tmc towards actual allocation and 137 tmc additional waters from Nagarjuna Sagar, he said, adding that of the remaining 550 tmc, the board allocated 229 tmc to Telangana and 321 tmc to AP. In a similar way from Jurala to Sagar, we got 481 tmc as actual allocation and 137 tmc as additional, he explained. Harish further found fault with the AP Government for seeking again 41 tmc for Kharif and 155 tmc for Rabi season. (NSS)

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