Harish Criticised Centre’s Chilli Initiative

TS Minister Harish Rao has criticise the initiative taken by the Centre in announcing the support price for chillis as a measure to deceive the farmers.

Hyderabad: The Centre’s response to the plight of chilli farmers seem to have hurt the ruling TRS party in Telangana. Though the government announced various schemes for farmers recently, that did not really go well with chilli farmers who were upset with the low prices of chilli in the market. Recently, chilli farmers in Khammam burnt their yield protesting against the government’s insensitivity towards their problems. As the condition of chilli farmers was bad in Andhra Pradesh too, Centre took initiative and announced Rs. 5000 support price per quintal of mirchi.

However, on Thursday Irrigation Minister Harish Rao chose to criticise the Centre for its delayed response and lack of understanding of the farmer’s plight.

Speaking at press conference in Hyderabad on Thursday, Harish Rao said that the Centre directed Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments to purchase only 33,000 tonnes of best quality chilli at Rs. 5,000 per quintal.

The minister alleged that this is only to fool the farmers. All the market yards are full of lakhs of tonnes of chilli and best quality is being sold at Rs 6000 per quintal, he added. As Centre will not purchase any, he asked what to do about the inferior quality chilli. He said that the State has to bear losses at 25 to 50 percent and this is unfair.

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