Hamid Ansaria��s Term As Vice President Ends; He Signs Off Saying Muslims Are Insecure

The outgoing Vice President Hamid Ansari opened himself in a candid interview given to Rajya Sabha TV, as his term ends.

New Delhi: The term of office of Vice President Hamid Ansari ends today. A career-diplomat and politician, he was the vice president for two terms: 2007 to 2012, and 2012-2017.

Hansari defeated Jaswant Singh of BJP by a margin of 252 votes in 2012 election.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and MPs of Rajya Sabha lauded Hamid Ansari for his contribution to Indian diplomacy and politics.

However, his statement that there was a sense of a�?unease and insecuritya�? among Muslims and the ambience of acceptance is now under threat, has become a point of discussion and charges and counter charges.

In his last interview to Rajya Sabha TV, Ansari came out openly against the situation prevailing in the country.

“Well, there is always an explanation, and there is always a reason. Now, it is a matter of judgment, whether you accept the explanation, or you accept the reasoning and its rationale,” Hamid said, speaking about his discussions with prime minister and the cabinet ministers.

Hansari also expressed concern about the breakdown of Indian values and the ability of authorities at different levels to be able to enforce what should be a normal law of enforcing work.

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Hansari also pointed out that questioning patriotism of any citizen is a disturbing thought. However, Ansari said that the practice of a�?triple talaqa�? was a social aberration and not a religious requirement. But he said that the courta��s need not interfere in the matter and the reform has to come from within the community.

Speaking about the Supreme Court ruling on national anthem, he said that courts are also a part of society, and they say sometimes is reflective of the prevailing atmosphere.

a�?I call that a sense of insecurity… This propensity to be able to assert your nationalism, day in and day out, is unnecessary. I am an Indian and that is it,” he asserted.

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