Guv asks Corporate hospitals to help poor

  • Lauds LVP Eye Institute for extraordinary services
  • It completes 20K cornea change operations

Hyderabad, January 15: Governor Ekkadu Srinivasa Lakshmi Narasimhan today exhorted the corporate hospitals to have social responsibility to offer better health services to poor and middle class people in the rural areas.

Participating in a program at LV Prasad Eye Institute here on the occasion of its world record of performing 20,000 cornea change operations successfully, the Governor asked the corporate hospitals to create awareness among people about pledging eyes to give light and life to unfortunate people.

Expressing concern on poor health services in the rural areas, the Governor asked the corporate hospitals to have sympathy towards the poor and middle class people. Unless the big and corporate hospitals wona��t come forward to offer affordable health services, rural areas cannot witness any growth, he observed. a�?I think, this is the right time to shoulder such a responsibility and keep healthy the rural folka�?, Narasimhan stated.

Lauding the services of LV Prasad Eye Institute for its unparalleled services, the Governor suggested that Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments should come forward to offer better health services.

Later, the Governor felicitated some doctors, who offered best services. (NSS)

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