Gulabi Coolies Fetch Good Amount Of Money For The Party

Working as a coolies to make money to be spent on TRS plenary is an idea that is yielding good money. KTR sold ice cream and Kavitha participated in sari business.

Hyderabad: While people are fighting hard to find work and get a decent pay even as a coolie, the TRS leaders are earning lakhs of rupees just by working for an hour or two as ‘coolie’. The two-day coolie programme conceived by the party is raining money. The money is being raised to meet the expenses of TRS Plenary to be held soon. Recently, IT Minister and son of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao earned around seven and a half lakhs just by selling ice-cream and Tea.

Inspired her brother KTR, Nizamabad MP and daughter of KCR, Kavitha, sold saries in a shopping mall standing at the counter.  The TRS leaders who became a sales woman had consumers who bought the sarees offering huge amounts.  It is being said that Kavitha too earned seven lakhs like her brother.

Other leaders are also turning into coolies in places they have held and are earning good amounts for the party. Chief Minister KCR is scheduled to work as a coolie this week.

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Andhra Rulers Had Turned Telangana into a Drought-Hit Region: Kavitha

HYDERABAD: TRS member in Lok Sabha from Nizamabad Kalvakuntla Kavitha today alleged that 60-year rule by Seema-Andhra rulers had destroyed Telangana region and had turned it into be a drought-hit region, besides deliberately ignoring the irrigation projects.

Speaking to media at TRS Bhavan here on Saturday, Kavita lashed out at AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for spewing venom on Telangana State even after the state was divided a year ago. She accused Naidu of exerting pressure on the Centre against Palamur and Nakkalagandi projects in Telangana State.

The Palamur project is aimed at irrigating 10-lakh acres in Mahbubnagar and Ranga Reddy districts, besides stabilizing capacity of 40-lakh acres. She alleged that Naidu had deliberately turned Nizamabad district and others like Palamur into deserts, while encouraging commissions through projects and schemes. The TD leaders from Telangana should respond why they could not prevent Andhra leaders from drawing waters from RDS project, she said.

Naidu’s attempts against Telangana development would not fructify as the TRS Government was committed to keep its promises of completing irrigation projects and others, she asserted. Kavitha rubbished the criticism of the opposition parties on Mission Kakatiya and said that they could restore 800 lakes so far to provide water to the crops in the districts in first phase.

Alleging that Pulichintala project was meant for giving waters to Andhra region, she said gross injustice was being meted out to farmers with agriculture lands under Jurala project. AP Government is ought to give 30 TMC to Telangana from Polavaram project, which got national status, she added. (NSS)

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