Gujarat Rajya Sabha Election: Congress Wins The Battle

Congress leader Ahmed Patel wins the Gujarat Rajya Sabha seat after the Election Commission has invalidated the two cross votes by the Congress MLAs.

Gandhinagar: The followers of the CongressA�senior leader Ahmed Patel celebrated, as his win became certain after the Election Commission had invalidated the two cross votes casted by the Congress MLAs.

The decision from the Election Commission came at around 11:30 PM after the Congress Party had approached the commission claiming that the votes are invalid, as the two MLAs have shown the ballot paper to Amit Shah.

The election has become important to both the parties not only because senior leaders wereA�involved, but also the defections that happened before the election. Six Congress MLAs have joined the BJP and the Congress had to make efforts to save the rest from leaving the party. The drama created national attention and the battle lines were drawn.

Both the parties have taken the election seriously and didn’t leave any stone unturned in their efforts to win the election. While the election was held for three Rajya Sabha seats, the one for which Ahmed Patel contested has gained prominence. The other two seats — Amit Shah and Smriti Irani — were definite wins for the BJP. A�The party fielded Balwantsinh Rajput against Ahmed Patel.

The victory for Congress is a much required one, as the party has become weak and needed some success to set the mood for the 2019 elections.