GST: It Will Never Succeed: Modi Before Becoming PM

The Congress party has released old video tapes in which Narendra Modi opposed the GST when he was Gujarat CM.

New Delhi: Just hours before roll out of GST, the Congress party on Friday tweeted undated old clips of Narendra Modi saying “GST can never be successful” and its implementation is “impossible” without the requisite infrastructure.A�A� It was Narendra Modi before he became prime minister. He later explained that he opposed the GST in 2013 and earlier because as a manufacturing State Gujarat stands to lose. Modi is seen opposing GST in the videos, on the ground that the new tax system cannot be implemented without proper infrastructure in place.

The Congress party which decided to abstain from the Tryst with GST in the central hall of Parliament at midnight, tried to make a point by releasing the old videos.

Congress said: “Modi ji, how quickly you forget your own words. Why are you rolling out GST without developing the proper infrastructure.”

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