Governor of Maha roughed up by Congress MLAs

  • 5 Congress MLA s suspended for defying Governor
  • Congress, Shiv Sena members kept shouting slogans all through Governora��s Speech.

Mumbai, November 12: In an unprecedented turn of events which went from bad to ugly on the first day of the new Maharashtra Assembly,A� Governor Ch Vidya Sagar Rao was roughed up by five Congress MLAs who were later suspended for as long as two years, according to the Times Now. Rao was hurt in the left hand and did not receive any injury. The ruckus created by the opposition Shiv Sena and the Congress was on account of the Confidence motion being passed on voice vote without going for division as demanded by the opposition.


Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has started his term on a dubious note by bungling the confidence motion, the first test on the floor of the newly elected and convened Assembly on Wednesday. While the opposition comprising Shiv Sena and the Congress demanded that the motion should be put to vote once again since it was carried on voice vote, the NCP, the opposition party which offered unconditional support to the BJP government described the voice vote is unfair and undemocratic. The stratagem evolved by the BJP strategists did not do any good for the image of the new chief minister.


The Assembly had two-point agenda for the day after electing the Speaker Haribhau Bagade unanimously. The first priority before the new Speaker was to name the opposition leader and then take up the confidence motion. Eknath Sinde of the Shiv Sena was named leader of the opposition. The Speaker Bagade took up the confidence motion. The BJP government, though in minority, had the support of a number of independents and the NCP has declared that it would stage a walkout to help the government win the confidence motion. Had the Speaker put the motion for division and the NCP walked out, then the process would have been according to the procedures and practices of the parliament and Assemblies. But the attitude adopted by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and his strategists has resulted in a pyrrhic victory which did no good to the party or the chief minister.

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